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Where to hide medicines from children?

Those who have small children, toxicology doctors ask to remember the following safety rules:

• After each use of the drug, check to see if it is properly closed. Even "detox protection" packaging is not always a security guarantee;
• Take exactly as many tablets as you want to take from the package, not two or three times in advance;
• Do not store medicines in a room where children play. Bad places for storing medicines are a box on the closet (it can easily be knocked off with a ball) and on the table - this is usually what grandparents do to not forget to take the drug;
• If the child is curious, do not store medicines in bags, briefcases, purses and caskets;
• It is best to store medicines in such a place that a large child could not see them, and a small one could not reach it;
• Do not take medicines with children, they are very fond of copying adults. Having played a "headache", the child may be in the hospital;
• If the child is sick, do not allow him to take medicines on his own. Only out of your hands;
• never call children with candy or candy at children. In your absence, the child will necessarily remember that somewhere nearby there are "sweets" and will start to actively look for them.


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