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Children and sports: how to attach a child

Start with the emotional impact on the child. If, for example, a small homebody once again rejects the offer to ride along with you on a bicycle or rollerblades, to drive a ball in the yard, do not insist on it. Let him stay at home. But when you return, be sure to share your impressions of how great and exciting you have spent your time. Try to make your story emotional and colorful. Do not be afraid of exaggeration. You can even lie a little. After all, your goal - to interest, attract the attention of the child, and for this all means are good.

At the age of 10-12 years, boys and girls begin to pay attention to their appearance.

They want to be like movie actors andfamous people. Use this age feature. And when a son or daughter begins to admire the power of Schwarzenegger or the sports figure Demi Moore, explain that such successes artists have achieved due to perseverance and daily physical stress.

If, despite all the efforts, you failAttach the child to the sport, try to use the tactics of the contract. Tell him: "Once a week you will go to the pool, and on Sundays you can play" strategy. "

Forbidding is easy, try to understand!

Sometimes modern teenage girls chooseThe kinds of sports traditionally practiced by boys: football, hockey and even boxing. Of course, one can understand the bewilderment of parents when a gentle, charming angel seeks to resemble a boy. However, experts do not recommend prohibiting a daughter from doing what she likes.

A categorical prohibition, you give the child away.

The first thing you need to do is understand whyThe girl likes these kinds of sports. The reasons can be different: from problems with peers to the desire to attract attention, to prove that it is not like others. If you can not solve the problem yourself, contact a professional psychologist. For the first meeting with a specialist, come without a child, as sometimes the reason lies in the parents themselves, or rather, in their insufficient attention or excessive demand.

Leave for the child the right to choose

Sometimes parents decide for a child what kind of sportHe should do better. At the same time, they do not think that they involuntarily deprive a small person of the opportunity to fully reveal the talents given to him by nature. Let him make decisions without your help. After all, a child does not play sports for you or for prestige, but above all for pleasure.

By the way, psychologists say that the ability to doAn independent choice fosters a sense of responsibility in a person. It does not matter if your child does not consistently pursue any one sport. At this age, he is only looking for classes to his liking. And as you know, the one who searches finds.

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