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Until recently, doctors advised: Do not accustom to the hands! It will be whimsical! You will not be able to do anything later! But recent research has shown that children who know only their crib and riding arena develop worse, later start talking, they get sick more often. An explanation is also found for this: an infant is calming the very sound of a mother's heart. The scientists conducted such an experiment: they recorded the heartbeat of several women on the tape, and included this record next to the crying child. In an incomprehensible manner, the crumb distinguished the beating of the mother's heart among others and calmed down, ceased to cry.

However, it is impossible to wear the baby's entireHands! And it is not necessary. Here he was carried away by toys: he rattles with a rattle, knocks a spoon, rolls a ball ... You can do household chores. But do not wait until the game bores him, until the spoons and balls fly to the floor and a roar will begin. It is important to catch the moment and then take the child in his arms, walk around the room with him, show what is going on behind the window ... It's good for my mother on the pens, calm! The mood became better, the forces recovered, now you can play a little more yourself.

A child should feel that he is protected by his mother's love from all misfortunes, that his mother will always understand, help, save. This is important for him in the first year of life. And then - more ...

I know you do not spare any energy to feed him.More tasty, spend hours at the stove, try to put your child on better clothes ...: And how much time do you play with your son or, daughter? Telling fairy tales for the night? Do you sing lullabies? After all, television cartoons or taped tales recorded on film do not replace living heat, eye-to-eye contact, grandmother's: stories, mother's affection - everything that from time immemorial was the sweetness of childhood ...

Doctors-psychoneurologists, unfortunately, now allMore often notice neuropsychic disorders in preschool children, pupils of lower grades. One of the reasons for this is the emotional, spiritual solitude of the child, the lack of communication with parents, the lack of a good, simple, all-knowing and forgiving caress.

Nervous child requires special patience, with itnot easy. But you can not even grow a flower, a bush, a tree without labor and patience! How to grow a person, if you want him to become kind, generous, sympathetic, open, looking at the world lightly and joyfully?

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