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Teach a child to consider

Recalculate everything you play: "Here lives a hen, and here - two elephants". Or ask: "How many animals will go on the train?" And you yourself say that the kid began to understand how such a question should be answered: "Two cats, three horses, one camel, etc." Create game situations where the child should Something to count or give another toy or person the right amount of flowers, apples - anything.

Immediately, in the game, you can give the elementsMathematical actions, introduce the composition of the number. That is, you are sort of playing around in the faces of the problem and you yourself solve it in front of the child. For example: "An elephant came to the camel to visit the ship, and then two more monkeys. And the camel had three guests "or" The girl baked two pies with jam and two with cabbage, folded all four pies into a basket and went into the woods to a familiar woodcutter (all this you play with toys or together play with roles). The woodcutter was visited by two hunters. The girl made tea, and they began to drink it with pies. And it turned out that everyone got one pie. Since there were four people and pies, it turned out equally. Do not focus the child's attention on what you need to count, remember or listen. Let the child be carried away by the game, and everything will be remembered by itself. Do not be afraid to give the notion of multiplication and division: we built three houses of four cubes - only twelve cubes gone! Let's divide the six animals into three animals, two for each!

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