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Feeding the baby


They are recommended to enter From 4-5 months. Early introduction of juices into the diet can provoke the appearance of digestive disorders and allergic reactions. For better assimilation of sour juices, let's half dilute boiled water at room temperature. If all is well, after three or five days you can go to undiluted. First, offer the apple apple juice. Then plum, peach, apricot, carrot, currant ... All new juices should be given to children only when the child has already got used to the used, and not a full portion, but gradually.
Mixed juices use Only after eight months. Juices with pulp, juices from exotic fruits, citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes - after six months. It is not recommended to give grape juice to children under three years of age.
With all that, the juices are liquid, etc., You can not drink them instead of water to quench your thirst. They are given to the baby at the end of the feeding as an addition to food. And the total daily volume of juice for a child up to a year is not more than 50-60 mg.


Children's teas are divided into several groups.

Fruit - restorative.
Gastrointestinal (Fennel, chamomile, cumin) - drink with swelling of the intestines and colic, with increased flatulence.
Soothing (Mint, oregano) for the prevention of nervous disorders. They are used for abnormalities in the nervous system.
Cold Cough (Anise, chamomile, raspberry and other forest berries), antitussives (thyme).
The positive effect of such teas, in addition toReplenishment of the liquid, is also in the use of herbal extracts. Although there are in the tea and minus - they are too sweet. Sugar and some herbs can contribute to the development of allergies. Therefore, after two to three weeks of taking a break. None of these liquids can completely replace others. Therefore, for full development, the baby needs, in addition to natural or artificial milk, juices, teas, and water.

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