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How to treat stress in children

2. Ask for help

You do not have to do everything yourself. Ask someone to help. It's better if it's someone close, like parents. Even if you just tell what you are feeling now, it will help to get rid of nervous overstrain. But, again, it's better if it's a very close person: Mom or Dad.

3. Make an action plan to overcome difficulties
Divide the big task into smaller ones, which are easier to handle. If you try to cope with a big task at once, the risk of stress increases.

4. Find classes that help you relax
Someone helps listening to music, to someoneWalking, talking with a friend are healthy methods of dealing with nervous overstrain, which help to distract, and then start to solve problems with new forces.

5. Think about how you explain failure
Do you blame yourself? Imposing guilt and taking responsibility are two different things. Pessimists blame themselves, but optimists do not. Never say "I could not pass the test, because I'm stupid." It's more correct to say "I could not pass the test, because I did not pay enough attention to some of the material." In the latter case, you still have the opportunity to change something in the future in similar situations, you will be able to take into account your experience. Self-abasement is the path to self-destruction: it makes you feel powerless, although in fact, you are not.

6. Observe the regime when faced with difficulties
Just eat and sleep! When you need to do a lot, first deal with basic necessities, without which further work becomes unproductive: just sleep and eat. If this is not done, then the forces of the human body will quickly end.

7. Get rid of strong emotions
On the pages of the diary you can express yourAnger, disappointment or sadness. When you write about your experiences, you transfer your emotions to paper. It helps to realize that troubles are behind.

8. Set your goals
Can I become the commander of a school football team? Can I pass all the exams this semester "excellent"? Learn to set achievable goals and go to the realization.

9. Prioritize
There is a time when it seems that you need to do all the things in the world. It is necessary to throw out all unnecessary and make a plan, according to the priorities of the tasks.

For example:

  1. Finish the homework;
  2. Prepare for the test;
  3. Go for a walk.
The fact that you can not make it today without delay regret for tomorrow. After all, if you try to do everything in one day, it is unlikely that you will be able to do everything "as it should".
Learn to decide what is most important and focus on this.

10. Bounce
Warm-up will give you strength and help to feelYourself more confident and energetic. No matter how much more you have to do, find a little time to go outside, run, ride a bike, swim, play tennis ... in general, any physical activity that you like will do!

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