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Relatives and friends, as a rule, are pleasantly surprised by such double success and already estimate in mind the expenses for gifts to the dear children on their birthday.

On the last dates before birth, the mother's gold belly of two babies impresses with its size, and to herself and her surroundings it seems that it can very well be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

By the end of the ninth month, a woman, of course,Will get used to the interested views of passers-by and the questions of friends and co-workers. But she needs to be ready and to others - not too pleasant - to the parties of her situation. For example, the cost of ultrasound diagnosis or one day of stay in the hospital according to the contract for "wholesale mom" above. Preparing the nursery and collecting the dowry, the young mother does not always clearly represent what might be needed in the "new life". We will try to adjust the list of twins required from the mom's point of view.


Do not rush to buy two beds at once. The newborns you bring home are so small and inactive that you can easily fit into one bed and are unlikely to interfere with each other. Moreover, psychologists suggest that children who for a long nine months divided the mother's womb, at first it will be much more comfortable to stay close to each other. Just in case, think about arranging the furniture so that there is room for another crib. All children are different, maybe you will soon have to buy a second one. A survey of parents of twins showed that some brothers and sisters can sleep together for up to six months, while others begin to interfere with each other and require resettlement "in a separate room" from the second month of life. With regard to breastfeeding, then, contrary to popular belief, many mothers manage to breastfeed both children even without supplementing the formula with milk. And, of course, this is very helpful pillow for feeding twins. This miraculous thing in all respects can be purchased in specialized stores or made from a thick furniture foam. The pillow looks like a big horseshoe. Mom, sitting on the couch, puts it on her waist and places "heirs" on both sides of the pillow. Simultaneous feeding of babies has a number of advantages. First, with such sucking, the production of prolactin in the body of a woman is more intense, which has a positive effect on the amount of milk. Secondly, the time that is lacking is significantly saved. Some believe that with the simultaneous feeding of babies given insufficient attention. Well - you can sometimes feed children and one at a time.


When choosing a stroller, pay attention to its weight,Overall dimensions, ease of assembly-disassembly and the manufacturer. As a rule, in a conventional elevator, a double stroller fits only when folded. It's not so scary - all the same the process of going for a walk will consist of two stages. The principal difference between double strollers is in placing children: either the kids are next to each other, or one by one, by a "locomotive". Each option has both advantages and disadvantages. When the children sit next to each other, they can communicate with each other, for everyone the same view opens, but the "locomotive" is more compact - it enters the freight elevator and onto the balcony. Some modern models-transformers are equipped with fabric crocheted liners. In addition to walking, they can do other good work: if both babies are capricious before falling asleep, they can be rocked.


Most recently it was customary to dress twins inThe same clothes, even more emphasizing their identity. Such a spectacle can provoke tenderness in an occasional passer-by, attracting everyone's attention to a walking family. But let's look at the problem of wardrobe selection through the eyes of a child psychologist: the main mistake in the education of twins is their generalization, blurring the line between two such different personalities. This prevents children from feeling like an individual: each of them begins to realize themselves as "we", but not as "I". And the truth is, how often we hear phrases like "boys are ill" from my mom's twins, "my daughters do not let my mom sleep." Although in fact, only one child can be sick, capricious or half-naughty. And the same clothes once again emphasizes the "pairing" of children.

Fortunately, the modern market of children's clothes is very diverse, and you can choose harmoniously combined, but different things.

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