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Holidays with the child: useful recommendations

Acclimatization and problems associated with itMore importantly, the farther from home, the younger the child, the more often he suffers, the more harmful factors of civilization surround him. Therefore, if your child was sick for a year, did not walk and suffered, a trip to the country house (a village 30 km from the city, a forest, a river) can be much more useful than a holiday on the Mediterranean coast, even in a five-star hotel.

If you still decided to have a rest with your child onSea, then the best option for you will be to leave, at least for a month. The first ten days will go to acclimatization, and the remaining twenty days will be spent on rest.

Without a pot can not do without

A child under five can not and should notUse on the road public toilet. It is inconvenient, unhygienic, and besides at the right moment it can be closed or busy. After the diaper, the pot is the only possible alternative to the toilet. A few days before departure, prepare the baby for the fact that he will have to use a pot (for example, if he has already lost the habit of it). The pot must have a lid (imagine how you will endure it).

A little trick: You can avoid pot washing problems if you put a sealed cellophane bag inside (like in a trash can). Then it will be enough to close the pot with a lid, bring it to the toilet and, taking out the package, get rid of the contents.

We go to bed

A kid (as well as his parents) is easier to transferThe road, if most of the time will sleep. Therefore, if possible, plan a trip mainly at night. The travel time will fly by unnoticed, besides, it's not so hot at night.

Than to take the child on the road

To interest a child,Expensive new interesting things: miniature card books, small soft toys, magnets, a small drawing board, colored pens, etc. The main thing is that the toys are not too small, do not crumble, spill-loosen. In addition to new toys, one or two are necessary, which the child knows and is used to, because getting into new, unfamiliar conditions, he must have a piece of familiar life next to him.

The next component of luggage - children's goodiesAnd - necessarily - a bottle of water. As a rule, small children love everything bright and rustling, so it is not necessary to take one packet with a bunch of food, it's better on the contrary - there are a lot of sachets, but there is not enough food. Opening the wrapping packages is a very exciting activity, and time will pass you by. A very useful thing on the road is wet baby wipes: pulling them out and wiping the seats in the car or plane is very interesting.

Another interesting lesson for a smallChild - stick stickers on the seats, windows, mom, myself, car seat, etc. It's no less interesting then to tear off these stickers and try to paste again. Stickers can be replaced with small toys on Velcro.

Parent experience

My daughter is very fond of seeing photos,In winter he remembers about summer rest, it develops memory, and does not allow to forget your beloved grandmother. As a rule, we take pictures of the rest before we leave home and consider them on the way back. And the impressions are fresh, and the occupation is interesting - the more photos, the longer the child is busy.

In the train you can give a boiled egg to clean - myMy daughter loves me very much. You can also take a soft toy (a bear, for example), cut a circle the size of an apple on your stomach (pope, wherever you want), pull out the filler and instead stick it with colored ribbons of cloth, of different structure) instead of the ribbon. The bear has to fill, the end of the rag rope to the cut circle , Hole in the bear close. Then the child "opens" the bear and takes out, like a magician, cloths and examines them.

My daughter is 2 years old. We take a toy with us and on the way "take care of" - I read books to a child and a toy, give food, drink, sing songs, show what is outside the window.
If you have to sit for a long time - play kaljaki(The son draws a calico, I draw, then vice versa), the sea battle, the gallows, the tic-tac-toe. Drawing stories in pictures: I ask the characters, the child then thinks out what happens to them, and I quickly draw - something like a comic strip. In the car, if we go far, far away - we are looking for someone who will find more ridiculous names, signboards, advertisements. If there is, where to resemble (in the corridor of a train, for example) - you can walk - like an old woman, like a model, like a sick raccoon ...

We have one game that really helpsPass the time - it is true, it is for the grown up children and adults. Take any theme - colors, seasons, flower names, holidays, animals, etc., each participant should remember and sing a line from the song, in the text of which there are words on this topic. The winner is the one who will last the longest. Very addicting! The second game is simpler - it is suitable for not very long trips by car: each participant considers cars of a certain color, who counts more - he won. You just need to remember that in the game about cars, always the winner is the one who thinks white, so if the children think equally fast, you need to give colors that are almost the same.

The son is very rocking when he reads. Therefore, our salvation is mp3 player. We upload audiobooks or fairy tales on it, and the child can listen for a long time. And then we play what he heard - staged a fairy tale or some fragment of the book.

Toys to take with you

Here, of course, you need to consider the interests of yourThe kid. But, there are "universal" toys that will bring joy to any small resort. This, first of all, balls. It is better to take a couple of them: a small rubber and an inflatable one. It's hard to find a more useful and joyful thing! The second position will be taken by waterfowl. But do not overdo it here. Take 2-3. The rest, if desired, you can buy on the spot. It's great to take a watering can with you. Even the smallest child will be happy to water himself and others ... Sand set should be taken with you only in case of a sandy beach. Although, to find a worthy application of such important things can be everywhere ... You can also use a handbag or a small backpack. Kids like to carry them with them.

Incredibly useful thing - an inflatable pool. Of course, nothing will replace the joy of sea bathing, but ... Sea water for a while may be too cool. The sea can storm. In addition, reasonable parents in the early days will not bathe the baby in the sea for too long ... In this case, the pool is simply irreplaceable. The water in it will quickly heat up, and the baby will be able to splash for pleasure, launch ducks and boats, throw stones into the water ... In general, to satisfy your research interest for the joy of mom and dad who will receive a temporary respite ... The only thing that does not I advise - is to buy for a one-year-old baby "float". In water there is nothing more reliable than strong daddy's hands. And certainly not suitable for this purpose are inflatable mattresses, boats and classic circles. Too twist and unpredictable is your baby. Do not have time to look back, how he could be under water. If you really want, buy a special circle with "panties". In him, the kid, at least, will not slip, although, it should be remembered that such circles easily turn over. And do not forget to grab the repair kit for the pool and the circle.

If you are engaged with a baby for someMethod, take a break for the time of vacation, do not drag along with yourself and development tools. Believe me, a sharp change in the situation, a huge number of new impressions and sensations will serve as a tremendous impulse in development. You and so will have something to do. The only thing worth taking is a favorite book of fairy tales or poems. And, most importantly, do not forget your soft friend. Practically every child has such, the most beloved Bunny, Mishutka or Doll. With him, the crumb will be much calmer and cozy, it will be for the baby a piece of house ...

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