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How to spend a vacation with babies

Where to rest?

As already mentioned, the most acceptable optionRest with a baby - it's a cottage under the city. First, there is no acclimatization, secondly, you know this area and will be able to provide normal life, and, if necessary, medical assistance. You can go to the country house in advance and arrange everything for rest with the baby. Another "plus" - your home can easily see you and bring the products you need.One "but" ... remember that you are going to have a rest with the child, and not engage in household plots. Contraindication to rest in the country can serve only its absence. But in this case there is a way out: it can be rented for the summer.

Alternative to rest at the cottage can be a voucherTo a recreation center near your city. Well, if someone from your friends with children has already visited there, they will be able to tell about the "pitfalls", and, going to rest, you will already know what to expect and what to warn against. If you are going to an unfamiliar place, ask beforehand the conditions: whether there is a doctor on the basis, how food is organized. It will not be easy, if you are waiting for "cardboard houses without amenities." In this case, all the strength of the mother will go to the establishment of everyday life, and not to get pleasure from a rest together with a crumb.

The sea of ​​kids strengthens and temperes. Games with small pebbles and shells develop fine motor skills, bathing in sea water improves blood supply, the work of nervous and endocrine systems. And what about the air! If your baby is already 6 months old, he is healthy and developing normally, you can decide on a trip to the sea. Also, plan a trip to the south if it was recommended by a pediatrician for medical reasons (rickets, rehabilitation after respiratory diseases). But at the same time, take into account that the process of acclimatization of babies takes about 10 days, and therefore take the child to the sea for at least 3 weeks. Short trips not only will not be of use, but they can also hurt the health of the baby. Think, perhaps, the decision for you to take off for the summer a house by the sea will be ideal for you.

Want to go as a family abroadTrip? Undisputed advantage of vacation abroad is a high level of service. The trip to the Crimean sanatorium and a trip, for example, to Turkey are almost the same. At the same time in the Turkish hotel the living conditions will certainly be better - a pool with a warm clean water, air conditioning in the room and other benefits of civilization. There will be no problems with food - if you need a dietary table, then at your request local chefs will provide it. The only "but" ... On a trip abroad you can go only in that again, if you can plan a vacation for at least 3 weeks. In this case, do not go to distant exotic countries, choose places with a similar climate - a sharp change in climate and time zones certainly will not go to the crumbs for good.

Well, weigh everything and before you go toRest "savage". Of course, it's very pleasant, as in the student's years, to assemble a company of good acquaintances, to take tents, sleeping bags, guitars, canned rucksacks and waving, now, of course, families, on a hike. If a large company is going to, you can take care of the children in turn, watch the kitchen and wash the dishes - and then there will be an opportunity to relax, take a dip in the lake or river, sunbathe. Indeed, all this is true, but ... Porridge, cooked at the stake, bathing and washing in a creek, a sound sleep in a pine forest - this romance is still for older children. In addition, far from civilization, my mother will be disturbed by the thought "but suddenly ..."

What should I bring with me?

One of the main tasksA family trip with a baby - it's right to collect suitcases. How much can it be useful for a trip! Of course, you should not take all the household belongings with you on the road, but, on the other hand, you need not forget the necessary. Therefore, it is better to start making a list of the necessary things a week before departure. And every day to inscribe in it what you used today and without which you and the little ones can not do on vacation. Perhaps the final list is as follows:

Kangaroo or sling and light folding stroller "cane" - will certainly be useful in the trip.

Diapers - take with a large margin, for the entire trip - suddenly you can not buy them on the spot.

Clothing. Put on more clothes so that you do not wash every day. Do not forget to grab something warm in case of bad weather and cool evenings. And do not forget the headdress, which will protect the head of the crumbs from the sun.

Terry towels - take care to be separate for the beach and for showering.

Paper towels and wet wipes - sure to come in handy for you both on the road and on the spot.

Diapers - can serve as an easy sheet or cover for the chair.

Children's cosmetics (soap, bath gel,Shampoo, baby cream or cosmetic milk) - it is not known if you can buy cosmetics customary for your baby on the spot, and a new skin reaction may appear.

Creams or lotions from and after tanning - with theirThe choice must pay attention that the funds are suitable for the baby by age, and the sunblock had a degree of protection of at least SF 30 ("Biocon", Chicco, Bubchen).

Children's dishes - a plate, a spoon, a cup. If the baby is on artificial feeding - a set of bottles, nipple. If on the breast - a breast pump can be useful.

Toys - take some of the most loved ones to take the crumbs on the road. And new - "diggers" for the beach or rattles you can buy on the spot.

A beach umbrella is necessary for the baby to take sun baths in the shade.

Take care of your daily bread

Departing with the baby on vacation, you need to clearly imagine how his meals will be organized.

If you are going to visit your grandmother, then allIt is clear - food will be familiar, food - quality. But if you go to a recreation center or to a sanatorium, then you must take a ticket "with food", so as not to stand all vacation at the stove. Of course, if the baby is breastfed, there will be no food problems. Just keep feeding it in the same mode as you did at home. By the way, please note that vacation is not the time to wean from the breast or the introduction of complementary foods. Postpone these cardinal changes for later. Has your baby already started to try adult food? Do not experiment and introduce new products into his diet. Bring ready-made baby food from home. It's not known if you can buy it on the spot. In addition, in order to avoid intestinal infections, give the baby water only bottled or, in extreme cases, boiled. Upon returning home, the child will again have to postpone acclimatization, so during the week follow the usual diet for the baby. Have a good rest!

Thank you for your help in preparing the material for Olga Sergeevna Kachalova, pediatrician, Candidate of Medical Science.

Going on a trip, do not forget to grab a first-aid kit!

Let's hope that it does not come in handy, but it's better to have everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Scissors or nippers for cutting marigold nails.
  • Antipyretic, which you usually use at home.
  • Panthenol (foam or spray from burns) - if you "overdid it" with the sun - it will become a real "first aid" for skin damage, thermal and sunburn.
  • Ointment Rescuer, or Traumeel - a healing remedy for scratches, bruises, abrasions and insect bites.
  • Remedies for stomach upset that your local pediatrician will advise you.
  • Eye drops (Ofra
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