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How to teach a child to sleep separately

The style of parenting also affects ritualsFalling asleep. For example, when the mother insists that the child should sleep alone, but the grandmother does not, shakes, puts the child for a long time, puts it with him, the child will long ask to fall off with his mother and abandon his crib.

If you are still sure that the time has come and your child can fall asleep quickly, sleep alone and sleep for a long time, you need to perform a few basic things:

  1. Before going to sleep do not play active games.
  2. The child should know that you are determined and if you say that he will sleep alone, then you must fulfill this promise.
  3. Before going to bed, strictly follow the same actions(The so-called ritual before going to sleep) - for example, we go to wash, dress pajamas, say goodbye to toys, put a favorite toy nearby, read one small fairy tale, turn to the barrel, close our eyes.
  4. Go to bed at the same time.
  5. A positive attitude to the crib as a place to sleep is of great importance for the baby, especially if you together bought bed linen with a child's drawing, together laid.
  6. Sit a little near, stroke, hold the handle.
The first time will be difficult, but if you will coordinate all actions and clearly perform, then after a while (2-3 weeks usually) the child begins to sleep alone.

Another condition is that everyone in the family is as attuned to you as everyone else, they all follow the rules of sleep and strict regime. In the house there is a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

What if the child has terrible dreams?

The reasons for this behavior of the child may beseveral. This is the situation in the family (quarrels, divorce, tensions between spouses, illness or death of relatives), and the nature of the character, the personality of the child, the confluence of unfavorable life circumstances. The child could also experience a lot of stress, could get frightened of something, and you might not notice it. Intermittent sleep, restless may also be a consequence of neurosis.

Assess the situation in the family - maybe somethingWhat happens is that it brings the child experiences that his psyche can not be recycled and protected. Find out what exactly the child and the character or the situation can have to tell you what the child is experiencing during the day.

Before you beat the alarm, try to calm downThemselves, because the more restless the child behaves in a dream, the more troublesome the mother becomes from what happens to her child. As soon as the child wakes up at night, calmly approach him, stroke over the head, whisper nice words, pick up and shake. For the boys, it is important to protect the father, so talk to your dad so that he gives the child more attention. Give the child the opportunity to play more during the day, as inadequate play activity may be one of the reasons for concern.

How to train a big one to sleep

There is also such a problem: Many parents complain that the child is going to school soon, and he is running to his parents' bedroom. Usually this is already a problem in the nature of the parents themselves. The child enjoys your gentleness and lack of perseverance, especially when pronounced fears and anxieties are not observed in the child.

Therefore, in order to teach a child to fall asleep independently, moreover, in his room, you need:
  1. Show perseverance and say that "girl(Boy) you already have quite a lot of (oh) and you need to behave like an adult, so we'll start by saying that you'll be sleeping yourself (a) and only in your room. "
  2. To do this, of course, you need to gradually, butPersistently, to make it clear that you are firmly set. Promise that sometimes, for example, on Saturdays, the child will fall asleep with you. Since, maybe, a child does not have enough physical contact with parents during the day, and he is trying to compensate for this in this way.
  3. In other areas of the child's activity, one should also encourage independence and the manifestation of adulthood, activity. Be sure to praise for it.
Think about whether you do not belittleAge of the child, do you consider it less than the age that is at the moment. After all, children often feel themselves in accordance with the age at which parents focus.

Leave a night lamp, give us a toy. If a child comes to you at night, take them to the crib, sit a little, but you should not leave with yourself.

If you all do gradually, correctly and show perseverance, then quite a sleep in your bed will be fine.


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