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Thai Spa Practices Thai Lab - an easy journey to excellence

Pleasure, relaxation, harmony - all residentsMegacities secretly dream about it. Masters of SPA laboratory Thai Lab make dreams come true, help to achieve harmony of body and soul. Thai massages and manual practices relieve stress, chronic fatigue and at the same time from excess inches at the waist. After an hour and a half or two hours of pleasant procedures, graceful, rejuvenated and happy clients come out of the doors of the spa oratory. Thai Lab gives lightness to the body and peace of mind.

The secret of success is in the balance of energies

The doctors of the Thai Lab shower assure that the person -It is not a body or even a mind. Probably, it is. Thai massage masters are convinced that man is an integral super-system in which the body, mind and soul are inextricably linked. In practice, this means that the right effect on the body calms the mind and cleanses the soul. Do not believe me? Try anti-stress SPA equipment and see for yourself. A two-hour relaxation program in Thai Lab is enough to get rid of fatigue and gloomy thoughts for a long time.

Scented candles, oils, creams, literateMassage will be quickly returned to life after a hard day and will give a powerful charge of vivacity. Masters assure that during the relaxation practice the balance of energies is restored, and at the physical level it is felt in the form of lightness, activity and tranquility. Diseases and troubles recede under the pressure of vitality. Muscles of the body and face relax, the skin becomes more elastic - and the person is younger before the eyes. Here it is - a cure for old age and the decline of strength!

Slim massage - the way to harmony through pleasure

"Minus 7 centimeters" from Thai Lab - uniqueSlimming program without diet and exercise. Its feature is the durability of the effect. Throwing fitness classes or stopping a diet, a person quickly picks up dropped kilograms and a couple more. "Minus 7 centimeters" will remain with the client forever. An additional pleasant bonus - will reduce appetite, will want fresh fruits and vegetables.

The results of the program "Minus 7 centimeters":
  • The amount of fat in the problem areas is decreasing;
  • The skin tightens, becomes elastic;
  • Cellulite disappears;
  • Clear contours of the figure are formed;
  • Slags and toxins are released;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • There are edemas;
  • There is a feeling of lightness.

Bliss and light pain - such a fine line

The procedure itself is pleasant, although at the first sessionsThere may be a slight pain bordering on pleasure. Wizards intensively massage the client's body. There is a feeling that it is burning and melting. In a sense, this is true: fat really burns under the hands of masseuses. This is facilitated by a special remedy - fat-burning cream Gold Shape on the basis of cayenne pepper and pollen of Indian orange. Strong tender hands for a long time "mest" the zone where there are surpluses of fatty tissue, but then they give happiness to traditional Thai massage.

Moment of Truth

What a person feels in the morning after "Minus 7Centimeters "? Pleasure and airiness. In the body, a pleasant languor, as after a good workout and a contrasting shower. I want to run, fly, breathe and love. Another feeling experienced by people who have been in the hands of experienced Thai masseuses is a surprise. It seems that the clothes became great for you in one night. Centimeters from the waist and hips go so fast that at first it is difficult to get used to the wonderful changes in the body. And this is not a dream! The wardrobe really needs to be updated. Pleasant troubles, is not it?
Thai Lab - SPA laboratory, where they create perfect bodies and happy souls!
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