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How to grow hair with Argan oil Argaria

In ancient times, there was a belief that cutting offBraids, a woman can lose health and strength. In the modern world, you can identify the reverse pattern. Lack of vitamins, hormonal disorders on a background of stress, poor ecology, chronic diseases - all this is the cause of hair loss. To grow beautiful long hair is the long-playing dream of many women. But what if the hair just stopped growing? Discard doubts and try argan oil Argaria.

Tree of Life, Iron Tree, Argan, ArganiaOr argania spinosa - these are the names of the argan tree, which occasionally occurs in Algeria, but mostly grows in Morocco. Do you know the name of the oil obtained from it? Liquid gold. Its production is complicated by the fact that the argan fructifies only once in two years. The same fact affects the cost of the finished product. But the price justifies itself, such a restoring and stimulating hair growth effect you will not find in any oil produced in Russia and America.

Argaria oil: how I made my hair grow

At the age of 30, my hair stopped growing. I do not know what influenced it. Perhaps hard work, lack of diet, chronic undernutrition, age ... Most likely, I just ran them. I did not have time to follow them. For my procedures, I chose Argaria oil (available from the line of the brand From Vanessa, you can only buy it through the official online store.If I used to start using argan oil immediately when my hair stopped growing, Then the recovery process would take less time. In my case, the result appeared after 2 months of regular use.

I applied the following scheme:

  • Slightly warmed the oil in a water bath.
  • Then I applied it to the roots and stretched it out as far as I could.
  • She turned her head with polyethylene, and wrapped a towel on top. This increased the penetration of medicinal substances into the skin, the follicles and the hair itself.
  • If there was an opportunity to stay at home, then forThe maximum result of the argan oil, I left the mask on my head for 2-3 hours. Then they, however, are very difficult to rinse. On working days she did the procedure in the evening for 30 minutes.
  • For two months, I literally fed hair that did not want to grow, Argan oil Argaria, alternated courses for 5-7 days with breaks of 3-4 days.

Then, when it brought visible fruit (on my head a fluff from the newly growing hairs became visible), I switched to using it once a week.
Of course, this intensive use of Argan oil oil has cost me a pretty penny. But the hackneyed phrase "beauty requires sacrifice" consoles me more than ever.
For 2 months my hair got stronger, became thicker, stronger and grew about 6 cm. I think this result is excellent! I do not even know what can be compared with the action of Argaria. I think that I had no better means! After all, the result became noticeable not only to me, but also to others. Many times my hair was used as an example and asked what I did with this unusual. Everyone was surprised to learn about oil argan, half did not even hear about this. I felt immediately very advanced and fashionable.
So if you stop growing your hair, try Argan oil Argaria - it should help you!
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