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New anti-cellulite stick from GUAM

Now your favorite anti-cellulite remedy for GUAMCan be carried everywhere, everywhere. A convenient stick form will allow you to take advantage of the miraculous product during travel or long trips. The anti-cellulite stick includes extracts of seaweed, caffeine, bitter orange and Garcinia Cambodian. This natural complex contributes to the enhancement of subcutaneous microcirculation and has an intense effect on problem areas, thereby effectively fighting cellulite.

The product is applied to dry undamaged skin -It is enough to simply carry out the applicator several times, paying special attention to problem areas (hips, buttocks). The skin may slightly turn red and there will be a slight tingling sensation - this means that the remedy has started to act.

New Stick "anti-cellulite" from GUAM

Ideal legs - so easy, together with a new product GUAM

Effective action of the novelty is based on natural extracts

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