/ How to make beautiful boxes for storing things yourself?

How to make beautiful boxes for storing things yourself?

  • Box of cardboard.
  • Iron clips.
  • Glue.
  • Bright fabric.

In order to decorate the box, youYou need to stock up with scissors, a ruler, a simple pencil, and a centimeter tape. How to make a box for storing things yourself? First of all, you need to prepare the box itself.

It is best that its dimensions vary inWithin forty centimeters. Then it can be put both in the closet and on the shelf. Although, on the other hand, it is better to choose a box of such sizes that it would fit for a certain place. The height of the rim should not be more than ten centimeters. It will be convenient for all sorts of trivia. In extreme cases - they can be cut using a pencil and ruler. It is enough just to make markings on the side walls. Important: make markings on the inside of the box. Measure from the bottom of the box no more than ten centimeters, and after that - make markings with a pencil. From each edge make one mark, and then connect in one line.

It's easy to make a box for storing things with your own hands. But, for starters, you need to strengthen the walls of the box. This can be done using various methods.

The simplest and most common way is to bendSash inside. For this, you need to mark a certain height of the box and make a mark with a pencil. What to do if the cardboard is corrugated? Then it's better to hold the blunt sides of the scissors with the blunt side. In this case, you will bend the material along the lines you have chosen. The cardboard should be flat against the walls. In the event that the size is somewhere wrong, it is recommended to fix it - apply the markup again, and also bend it. Surplus must be cut with scissors. After that, proceed to gluing the workpiece. Adhesive necessarily apply to the entire surface, and later - tightly press the seconds twenty to thirty.

The side walls can be strengthened in another way,If you cut off the upper leaves, take the cardboard and cut out the strip. Thus, its width will be equal to the height of the side wall, and the length to the perimeter of the side walls. On the strip it is necessary to make a special marking: to measure with the help of a ruler the length of a short sidewall, and later - long. To bend it is necessary in those places where there is a marking. The edge must be glued inside the box in case the cardboard is flat.

Unusual box for storing your thingsIt turns out, if you decorate it with natural materials. Excellent cotton looks. Be sure to wash and iron the material before starting work! How to properly markup? You need a length of two centimeters, a height of two centimeters, a length of the box from the outside and two centimeters of the height of the rim. Depending on the shape of the bottom of the box, you should get a square or a rectangle. Circumference is recommended in the middle, where the bottom of the box is.

Cut out the workpiece that you got.

The fabric must be folded from both sides, and later fixed as follows:

Do not need to edge the flanks, if the fabric has flattened. It will be enough and a manual stitch.

We cover the cardboard with glue and press against each other.

The glue must dry within 24 hours.

The best thing is to glue a piece of cloth to the bottom.

As a result, we get comfortable, reliableAnd beautiful boxes in which you can store various trifles. You can decide what to put in them! As you can see, the original boxes for storage with their own hands are easy to make!

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