/ / Restoring force RESCHE from Kracie: shampoo, balm rinse and mask

Restoring force RESCHE from Kracie: shampoo, balm rinse and mask

Due to overheating or chemical attackScales cuticles "open", which increases the permeability of hair and lost necessary for its growth and smoothness of water, lipids and proteins. In turn, this leads to the fact that the hair loses its elasticity, becomes thin, weak and dull.

Restoration Series Tools RESCHE For damaged hair and chemical wave hair solve these problems for 5 plus. This series is loved for its effective composition, quick action and lasting effect.

A bit of history

In 1887 the company "Tokyo Cotton" was establishedTrading Company », which became the progenitor of the company« Kracie ». The main activity was spinning production, which by 1908 was transformed into a factory for the production of silk fiber. It was then that the foundation was laid for further study of the properties of silk protein in the care of skin and hair. In 1934 the company founded its own Research Center, and already in 1936 in the assortment of the manufacturer appeared silk soap, and in 2004 and an innovative series RESCHE!

Creating a series RESCHE Was preceded by a long way. That is why the French word "Recherche", which means "research, search", is based on the title.

What is unique about the RESCHE series?

The main difference of the series RESCHE is an ABILITY TO SEAL Damaged hair from the inside due to the constituents of sericine and high molecular weight polymers.

Sericine has a high ability to penetrateInside the hair - to the very center layer. It quickly penetrates deeper and, filling itself with hollow spaces that are formed due to leakage of native protein as a result of thermal and chemical impact on the hair, pulls and glues cavities from within. Sericin restores the hair fiber, preventing further loss of protein from the inner layer. As a result, the density of the hair rises, the hair becomes stronger and thicker.

Reference: Sericin (from Latin sericium, silk) is a protein that is part of the silk produced by caterpillars of the silkworm.

Along with sericin, the composition of the agents RESCHE Polymers include high molecular weight dimethicone andAmodimethicone, which cover the hair with the thinnest air-permeable transparent film, permanently protecting against the aggressive influence of the external environment. They fix the achieved level of hair density and restrain the exfoliation of the cuticle of the damaged hair. Thanks to them, the hair looks smooth and shiny like silk!

Unique components in the series RESCHE Almost instant help evenSeverely damaged hair and allow to be in the center of attention at any celebration, accept invitations to romantic meetings, hold posh photo sessions, surprising everyone with a luxurious flowing waterfall of silky and shiny hair!

By the way, many owners of naughty and hard-to-nature hair also use the means of the series with pleasure, noting that RESCHE Facilitates the laying and increases the elasticity of the hair.


Series RESCHE Includes shampoo, balm rinse and mask. All the means of the series nourish and restore damaged hair along the entire length, making them soft, smooth and elastic, like silk. And the result of using these tools you will feel the first time: your hair will look really alive and beautiful!

Helpful Tips

To maintain a lasting effect, developersSeries recommend the use of shampoo and balm rinse as the hair gets dirty, and the mask is used for additional care 1-2 times a week. By the way, they do not leave weighting or fat content after application! As a result, your hair will thank you with its brilliance, healthy appearance and readiness for experiments.

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