/ / Thai massage in CROWN THAI SPA - a touch of happiness

Thai massage in CROWN THAI SPA - a touch of happiness

CROWN THAI SPA is an island of Thai exotics inRussia. Staff is invited from the Kingdom of Thailand. All masters are graduated and perfectly master different techniques of Thai massage and the secrets of aromatherapy. Magic touches of masseurs remove fatigue, relax, and most importantly - heal. For many centuries, Thai massage has always been and is a panacea for many ailments and diseases. Salons CROWN THAI SPA are represented not only in Moscow, but also in other cities. CROWN THAI SPA network is expanding and moving to the international level, after the opening of the showroom in Germany in the city of Dusseldorf.

Thai massage - healing practice

For a European, massage is a triturating movement andStroking. Thai practice is fundamentally different from our ideas. The master presses certain points of the client's body not only with fingers and palms, but with elbows, knees and even feet. But that is not all! The complex includes a kind of twists and stretches, reminiscent of yoga postures. Thai massage is a whole science consisting of several sections of oriental medicine. This is a holistic doctrine of life.
Eastern healers do not view the disease asA separate phenomenon. For them, man is a triune entity consisting of body, soul and energy (spirit). Disease, fatigue, loss of strength, tension - all this is for the oriental healer obvious signals of energy imbalance. Thai massage restores the normal flow of energy. During the manual practice, the master works with the most important points of the channels through which the life force flows.

Grandiose changes start with relaxation

Reflections on the energies of modern manCan cause a smile, but the harmonizing effect of Thai massage remains a fact. After manual practice, a person feels refreshed: the body has a pleasant languor, and in his soul a complete rest. With a powerful tide of vitality comes the desire to create, love, discover new horizons. Massage stimulates blood circulation, activates the processes of getting rid of toxins, promotes weight loss.
In the network of CROWN THAI SPA there are various programs:
  • Anti-stress;
  • Relieving pain;
  • Anti-aging;
  • Corrective;
  • Harmonizing.
Each of the programs improves the body and soul. With new forces, you will conquer all peaks!

SPA-procedures: beauty, health, joy

The wonderful effect of SPA cosmetics, wraps,Oils and aromas known for a long time. In the network of CROWN THAI SPA you can register for any body care procedures. Masters will help you relax, abandon the hassles. While you will enjoy the stupefying aromas, soothing music and pleasant touches, your skin will be saturated with vitamins, it will shine, it will shine. Wraps of algae, ginger and cloves will reduce the waist. In one session you can get rid of 5 extra centimeters. It's worth a try!

Slim program "Minus 7 centimeters"

In an endless urban bustle, women find it difficultKeep slim and light. Office work also does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes even diets and gym do not bring the desired result. The problem can easily be solved in the CROWN THAI SPA salon, having registered for a slimming massage "Minus 7 centimeters". This complex corrective program gives an incredible effect. The secret is in the special massage technique and the revolutionary fat burning cream Gold Shape with the pollen of the garcia. You will quickly achieve the desired result, become slimmer, and the extra centimeters will never return.
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