/ / Hairstyles for March 8 for long and medium hair: photo. How to make a beautiful hairstyle on March 8 yourself?

Hairstyles on March 8 for long and medium hair: photo. How to make a beautiful hairstyle on March 8 yourself?

Each of them you can do yourself. They will allow you to look natural and very romantic. Actually, exactly as this holiday of femininity and eternal spring supposes. In 2015, the fashion is still natural, so we will not offer you complex, ideal hairstyles. It is enough to calmly arrange your hair, put on a beautiful dress.

Hairstyles for long hair on March 8

Long hair itself is beautiful, with themYou can do anything. The simplest, but very elegant, is perfectly straight, shiny hair. If you want some kind of originality, try something else.

Gentle curls

Sophistication and femininity alwaysWas associated with light curls of thick, beautiful hair. You can make them yourself. It is worth noting that it is best to use curling iron to create curls on long hair, since a curl or curlers can not cope. To make beautiful curls enough to wash and dry hair. After that, put the iron on, and the roots of the hair mildly. Take a strand, twist it into a light tourniquet and swipe it with iron. When finished with the entire volume, shake the hair a little and fix it with lacquer.

Stylish hairstyles on March 8 for long hair

Pigtails in the hair

Very original look long curls,Supplemented with pigtails. Especially popular are hairstyles created from the braid cascade. Make them completely not difficult, for this, carefully look at the photo and repeat all the actions. Look very beautiful braids braided on their sides. So you can experiment.

Not a passing classic

If you are going to spend the evening of March 8 inExpensive restaurant, you can refer to the classic image and make a high styling. We do not advise you to go to the salon and make a semblance of a wedding hairstyle. It is enough to confine yourself to a traditional shell, and you can make it yourself. For this, comb your hair well over the entire length. Slightly scratch a few strands on the crown to create a volume. Collect the hair in a high tail and tie it with an elastic band. Twist the hair around the gum and put the tip in the hole in the middle. To be sure that the hairstyle does not disintegrate during the dance, fix it with a few invisible ones.

Hairstyles for medium hair on March 8

Hair of medium length can be laid, as you please,Especially if the hair is docile. Therefore, we will not go into details, but offer photographs of the actual layouts in 2015. It is worth considering that for medium hair as well as for long in trend natural hairdos, braids, curls, light curls.

Beautiful hairstyles on the 8th of March on medium hair

The originality of its image can be added with the help of a side beam. If you want to collect hair in a traditional ponytail, do not forget to do the hair.

Also popular are Greek-style hairstyles, which are very easy to make on their own.

A beautiful hairstyle on March 8 will make you truly beautiful, emphasize your femininity and attractiveness.

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