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Can you influence your destiny?

- "It rolls on a plane" - they are told about such people by their acquaintances. This means that you have deviated from the life path that you have planned.

But do not take the feeling of impasse or walkingOn a circle of circumstances of the life for regress. Most likely it only a change between our vital lessons or simple re-training for new passing of examination to the great examiner - Destiny!

Life examines us daily and even every second. The number of unsuccessful examinations reflects on the quality of our life and can lead to very sad consequences, to correct, which, sometimes, it is already impossible.

To learn passed or not sdalty the life exam is possible on some factors:

If your everyday life goes smoothly, bringing youJoy and satisfaction, and success in everything does not make you wait long, it's all signs that you have moved to another level and urokusvoyen. If, on the contrary, it involves an incomprehensible sense of anxiety or causeless fear, or there arises a sense of inadequacy of actions, then it is precisely the signals that you are deviating from the failure of your life program.

According to some philosophical teachings, includingThe ancient Greek treatises, one can understand that our soul itself chooses a life-long scenario, which she would like to embody with the first minute of her birth in the human body. But we should not forget about the heritage of the breed line, when the untrained sins of our ancestors fall on the shoulders of their descendants. That such a set of prohibitive factors determines our fate. We can only make it easier or, on the contrary, ruin it.

It has long been known that the karmic lawIt works when you perform any action that carries both a positive and a negative direction. It works always and everywhere, and the payment or reward for these actions comes immediately. Sometimes we cry under the burden of some difficulty:

"Well, what do I need this for?""At the same time, we do not even guess that all this is a consequence of our misdemeanors or sins. Of course, we do not always understand and realize our purpose, but it's not at all terrible, because you can greatly facilitate your karma and in a simpler way.

This requires only a fewSome aspects in your life, namely - learn to forgive the bugs that were inflicted on you by close or not very close people. Insults may be intentional or unintentional, but it is absolutely irrelevant for the burden that you carry on yourself in the higher planes of being. Many sages are simply asking for the forgiveness of absolutely any person. Because this action carries a double positive charge of energy, that is, it turns out that for a man's sincere forgiveness, you already alleviate the debts of a ship twice. It is also important to understand that mutual insults or vengeance only close the chain of mutual negativity, which is then transformed into pain and other negative consequences.

Sometimes very, very difficult to forgive! But it is only necessary to try to start with at least small offenses and deeds of people very close to us. The main thing is to start this process. Sometimes this is the most difficult life lesson - to gain the ability to forgive! Our Universe does not respond promptly to such requests. And then it will necessarily turn out to be a boon for the forgiven!
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