/ Why is avocado useful for women? The benefits of avocado for the body of women. Benefits of avocado for weight loss.

What is the use of avocado for women? The benefits of avocado for the body of women. Benefits of avocado for weight loss.

Saturation with various vitamins and beneficialsubstances allow the active use of avocado in various areas of cosmetology. Regular use of it allows to strengthen the cell walls, which will immediately affect the skin condition - it will become beautiful and elastic.

Use of avocado in cosmetology

Avocados are not always necessary to eat. This is the ideal basis for rejuvenating masks. It's all about its richness with vitamin A, which helps the body to form new cells, so the skin rejuvenates. By the way, it is thanks to unsaturated fats in the avocado that vitamin A works 100%. It is safe to say that the avocado is specially created to give beauty to women.

Important! Avocados for eating and cosmetic procedures are different from each other. In food it is better to eat fruit with a lighter skin. For masks, take a darker one.
We offer you a simple mask of avocado that perfectly moisturizes and protects your skin.

For its preparation, take:

  • Avocado
  • Cream
  • Yolk

To make a mask you need to grind itavocado pulp. This can be done in a blender, in a mortar or simply with a fork. Add 1 teaspoon of cream and one yolk. All thoroughly rub and apply evenly on the face. Enough 20 minutes, then wash off the mask with warm water.

This tool made at homecan replace expensive masks from beauty salons. It will perfectly moisturize, soothe the skin and smooth wrinkles. To get the best result, it's best to do this mask twice a week.

Weight loss with avocado

However strange it may sound, in spite ofa high amount of fat, avocado - the ideal fruit for eating during the diet. Again, everything is due to unsaturated fats that do not have the property to be deposited. Like oatmeal, the use of avocados makes you feel full for a long time.

Diet based on avocado

There is a simple and very effective diet based on avocado. For three days you will eat the same way and every meal will have this fruit.

  • Breakfast: half avocado and 250 g curds 0%
  • Lunch: Salad from half an avocado, one boiled egg, one cucumber and onion.
  • Dinner: Half avocado with cottage cheese or 200 grams of low-fat meat.

These three days will not be hungry, so the fruit is very long absorbed by the body, which means that you are full all day long.

Avocado and its effect on hair

Again, thanks to the mass of nutrients incomposition, this fruit can be actively used in the process of hair care and restoration. With it, you can effectively fight the fatty scalp or improve hair growth.

  • In order to improve the vernal appearance is too dryhair, take the flesh and rub it with olive oil and egg. Apply for 20 minutes on hair and rinse with warm water. Do the procedure on a regular basis and you will see an excellent result.
  • If the hair is too greasy, use a mask based on avocado and kefir. Mix the pulp with kefir and apply to the hair.
  • To improve hair growth, use fruit pulp, olive oil and mayonnaise. Regularly apply to the hair and observe the striking result.

As you can see, avocado is a real find for modern women. Masks from it to make very simply, they do not demand special components, but are very effective.

Enjoy the gifts of nature and feel their positive impact on the body.

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