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Lomi Lomi massage: video, technology, features

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage: features

The whole procedure, from the beginning to the final chordSpecial, with ancient sacred traditions and healing techniques. At the very beginning, the master covers the patient with a sheet and performs a ritual of "laying on of hands", tuning in to the procedure. The end of the massage is also accompanied by a traditional rite.

All movements performed during the session or inIt should not cause painful feelings to a person, but they are made under rhythmic traditional music, because of what the actions of the masseur resemble a dance, which is to some extent true, because the expert himself adjusts his movements to music.

Essentially used essential oils and aromatic oils, and the room must be warm. Ideally - holding a session in the summer outdoors or in a tissue tent.

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Lomi Lomi massage: technique

The therapist actively uses the palms and pillowsFingers, but its main "tool" is forearms, hands, elbows. All movements are slow, not pressing, performed with a lot of oil and special rubbing movements. The specialist spends his forearms and hands on the skin, touching the body with his hands. To achieve a good result, it is recommended to perform the first procedure for three hours, following in the hour. The massage has a very high degree of relaxation, some after the massage can wake up all day, and waking up to find that full of energy.

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage: video

In order to see the mainReceptions, understand the principle of performing movements, and also how the procedure goes, we recommend that you pay attention to one of the videos of the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi:

  • A 28-minute video, in which the expert acquaints the viewer in detail with the Lomi Lami massage technique and in practice shows receptions;
  • Full video of an Israeli massage therapist named Ariel (duration 58 minutes);
  • A cognitive clip that briefly shows the beginning, the process itself and the endings of the Polynesian massage;
  • Another great video, which recorded the entire process of massage, performed by a pair of specialists at the same time.

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It can be confidently asserted thatPolynesian Lomi Lomi massage is one of the best remedies for depression, fatigue, nervous experiences and just for relaxation. It has no significant contraindications, but on the contrary, it is recommended to all who want to have fun, relax, gain internal energy. The customs laid down in the methodology did not lose their properties and hundreds of years after the first tribal Polynesian healer ("Kahuna") passed Aloha (love) to people, healing their spiritual and physical illnesses.

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