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The technique of performing massage Jacquet.

What is the Jacquet massage effect?

Since the main movement in this massageAre tweaks, kneading and vibration, then this technique is no longer relaxing, it is tonic. Due to the activation of blood circulation and lymph flow there is not only a rapid healing, but a significant reduction in the production of sebum. Thanks to this massage in combination with therapeutic lotions, acne can be completely eliminated in just 1-1.5 months. But even if you suffer from blockage of sebaceous glands and rashes, this massage will be very useful to prevent the formation of fine wrinkles and couperose.

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Jacques massage technique

Do not apply in any way before the procedure.Massage oil or fatty cream, since this can contribute to an even greater formation of open comedones. It is best for these purposes to use talc, which is absolutely harmless for the inflamed skin. The hair should be tucked into the tail. The position is horizontal.

So, the massage should begin with the squeezing movements from the wings to the middle of the nose (the masseur works with the thumbs).

Now go to the tingle, the direction of which comes from the nose to the top of the forehead (we work already with the thumb and forefinger). Perform these manipulations necessary over the entire width of the forehead.

After that, proceed to massage the bottomParts of the face (chin, cheekbones, cheeks). Movements are of a nature tingling with some vibration. It is best to start from the chin, gently passing to the cheekbones and from them to the lower part of the cheeks.

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When doing Jacquet massage is very importantTo work on problem areas. Most often, it's the chin, the wings of the nose, a small patch of cheeks closer to the nose, nose and forehead. In these problem areas, massage should be done several times.

The total duration of the session should not beLess than 20 minutes. After the procedure, it is useful to wash with cold water and apply a remedy against acne. The most suitable time for such a massage is the time before going to bed, since the sebaceous glands are most active at this time.


  • Pustular inflammation;
  • Fungal and infectious diseases of the skin;
  • Puffiness;
  • Too dry or flabby skin of the face;
  • Hematomas.

In addition, this massage technique is considered quite aggressive, and therefore it is necessary to perform this procedure no more than twice a week, otherwise the skin will lose its tonus very quickly.

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As you can see, Jacquet's pinch massage has its ownAdvantages and disadvantages, which are expressed in the form of contraindications. But nevertheless, this procedure deserves an honorary title of a fighter for the purity and beauty of the skin. Following these recommendations will allow you to quickly get rid of the problem of acne and forget about it as a terrible dream!

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