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Than useful yoga massage. Technique of doing yoga massage.

What is yoga massage?

This type of massage is a combination of rhythmic andPoint massaging, twisting, stretching and squeezing muscles with the help of strong and sharp movements. It is important to find energy channels, the so-called meridians, which strengthen our vitality. The main meridians are on the forehead, chin, throat, between the breasts, above the navel and in the sacrum.

Thai massage can be a classicType and with the use of oil. The classic option involves doing a massage without taking off your clothes. Oil massage requires complete exposure and application of sandalwood or coconut oil.

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Both options are capable of curing diseasesSpine, heart, organs of the reproductive system and even the liver. This is possible thanks to special movements that exert a gentle healing pressure on the diseased organ, which in turn activates the recovery processes and stimulates blood circulation. It is also important that this massage helps to relieve the pain and quickly recover from the injured limbs. For example, it will be very useful for athletes.

No matter what kind of massage you choose,Its execution begins with the massage of the feet. Then gradually start to rise higher. Movement should be rhythmic, it is allowed to press the heel or the entire foot. Particular attention should be paid to the joints, for this they need to be pulled. Following this principle, we massage the whole body.

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To achieve a therapeutic effectIt is recommended to perform this massage for at least an hour. For the tone of the circulatory system it will be useful after the session to take a contrast shower. This technique is contraindicated in the elderly (from age 65), children under the age of 14, pregnant and menstruating women.

Yoga massage after a heart attack

This massage is characterized by a slightly different techniqueImplementation. First of all, there is a slight rhythmic pressure on the chest, especially in the heart. The position of the person should be horizontal, the muscles are as relaxed as possible. Massaging with the palm alternates with slight indentations of the pads of the fingers. Movements should not cause pain or discomfort. You need to breathe as deeply as possible.

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As you can see, the most basic elements of massage yogaTo master is not difficult. Thanks to these skills, you can literally heal your loved ones, give them vitality and health. Regularity of this technique does not require, but for general recovery it is recommended to carry out a set of ten daily procedures. Do not be ill and enjoy life!

For more detailed information, we recommend you watch this video, which clearly shows the movements and their tempo:

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