/ Technique for performing a Spanish face and body massage.

The technique of performing a Spanish face and body massage.

The benefits of the Spanish massage and its technique of performance

As already mentioned above, this massage rendersComplex influence on the joints, skin, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. To be more precise, this technique allows to fight against osteochondrosis, arthritis, pressure sores, circulatory disorders. This massage relaxes the muscles and for a time disconnects the person from all experiences and anxieties, which is so useful for stressful stress work.

The advantage of this method can be listedVery long, with contraindications practically absent. To implement the correct technique, you do not need long practice and special physical efforts. All you need is to follow the recommendations of the massage therapists, which are given in this publication.

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To perform chiromassage, differentReceptions. It can be jerky pressure on the fingers and special knuckles on the vertebrae, the sacrum, the muscles of the hands and feet. But basically movements are carried out by soft circular motions. Extension of muscles is very welcome. For a smoother hand movement, it is recommended to use a massage cream or olive oil.

To achieve the healing effect, massage should be at least an hour. After that, you must take a warm shower.

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Spanish face massage + video

If you want to prolong your youth, do notUsing the services of plastic surgeons, the Spanish facial massage is what you need. Due to the translational movements, the flow of blood and lymph to the skin is significantly improved, which in turn enhances the regeneration processes, restores the tone of the dermis and improves its appearance. In addition, chiromassage visually tightens the face and makes the skin more fresh.

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Facial massage involves mandatoryUse of greasy cream or grape seed oil. Movements should be smooth, but quick. We work with palms and fingers. By time, the facial chiromassage lasts about 40 minutes. After the procedure, you need to wash with a contrast shower, then apply a light moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin.

As you have already understood, the Spanish massage of face and body -It is an inexpensive and very pleasant prevention of not only many ailments, but also premature aging. Regular visits to the sessions of chiromassage will allow you to look and feel much younger than your age.

Visually, with the technique of performing a Spanish facial massage you can see this link:

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