/ / Description of Indian massage. The technique of Ayurvedic massage.

Description of Indian massage. The technique of Ayurvedic massage.

What is the use of Indian massage and to whom is it particularly recommended?

As mentioned above - this massagePerfectly tones and tightens the skin, relieves stress and tension. In addition, this procedure has a special effect on the joints. Delicate progressive movements can not cause damage to bone tissue, but they perfectly warm it, which is so useful in osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and arthritis. Oils used in Indian massage sessions, perfectly prevents premature aging of the skin, in some cases eliminates cellulite and small stretches. Such relaxation procedures are highly recommended for people whose way of life can be called inactive, whose work requires stress-resistance and full return of one's own strength. If you suffer from weak, life-deprived hair or hair loss, the oil massage of the head will be very useful, which perfectly stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the hair bulbs and makes your hair well-groomed and obedient. In addition, massaging the head perfectly eliminates the headache.

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Description of the technique of performing Indian Ayurvedic massage

The session should take place in a cozy warm room. It's great if there is a relaxing musical accompaniment that will help you tune into a meditative mood. Ayurvedic massage should be performed on a soft mat or mattress.

Of the oils, sandalwood, sesame and olive oil are excellent.

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The procedure should begin with the massaging of the feet,Gradually rising higher in the head. Pressing should be done with your fingers, if the muscle is bulky (for example, on the thighs or buttocks), then you can press down with your elbow. Ankles and brushes need to be moved by rotational movements. Sites with thin skin (on the wrist, neck) slightly pinch.

When Indian head massage is first massagedShoulders, after the neck, gradually rising to the very head. Movements should be directed against hair growth, so you let the oil penetrate into the hair follicles.

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The total duration of the Indian body massage lasts approximately two hours. Do not be surprised if after this procedure you will feel drowsy and general relaxation.

This type of Ayurvedic massage is recommendedDo at least once a week. If you regularly visit these sessions, you will noticeably improve your health, activity, become more cheerful and self-confident. To learn this business is not so difficult, but because you can enjoy this massage and their loved ones.

For more detailed technique, please see this video:

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