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Features of massage with bamboo sticks: video, technique, benefit

How is the bamboo massage?

When doing this exotic procedureTwo bamboo sticks with a length of no more than 40 centimeters are used. Partially such sticks are filled with small grains or sand, which helps create vibrations when touching the tree with the patient's skin. Let's take a closer look at the main points of the session:

  • Creole massage uses oils, and their selection is carried out individually for each client;
  • Oil is rubbed with deep movements of the hands in a sufficiently large amount. It is necessary that the sticks do not cause pain to the body and slip when in contact with the skin;
  • Required attribute - music. It can be folk Asian or other format, and its purpose is not only to relax the client, but also to set the rhythm of bamboo blows to the masseur;
  • Contrary to the opinion that may arise from those,Who has never tried this kind of massage - it does not hurt. All impacts are tangent and do not deliver painful sensations. The customer experiences a pleasant vibration;
  • When performing Creole massage, other movements are performed with a stick: rolling, twisting, circular movements and many others.

The recommended duration of the procedure is from 40 minutes to 60, the duration of the course is from 10 to 15 sessions.

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The use of massage with bamboo sticks

Taking into account the specific impact on the body with the help ofBamboo sticks and special technology, with which various parts of the body are massaged, experts recommend visiting such courses to get rid of excess weight. A positive effect is achieved by means of a stick filled with fine sand or grains. With even contact with the skin, the grains create a slight vibration, spreading through the body and destroying the fat structures. Especially the success will be noticeable in the hips and buttocks, where most of the cellulite is concentrated. In addition, massage is recommended for:

  • Relaxation after physical overwork;
  • Treatment of stress and depression;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • Reducing the likelihood of varicose veins;
  • Slowing down the processes of skin aging;
  • Improvements in the general condition of the body, relieving muscle tension

Massage with bamboo broom and chopsticks: video and recommendations

Often, an additional device canServe as a broom from bamboo. A specialist, alternating with a stick and a broom movement, achieves the maximum relaxation effect of the body. How to use the massage technique of using a bamboo broom and sticks can be viewed on the video by clicking on this link.

Doing bamboo massage is not recommended inA state of nervous excitation or breakdown, severe stress. Emotional mood is very important, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect, you can not relax.

After the session, drink a couple of cups of green tea or a glass of mineral water to restore the body's water balance. Enjoy your procedures!

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