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Recommendations for the procedure and basic medical indications.

With the years in the bones and joints salt is laid, the skeleton becomes less mobile and the supply of the brain to the blood worsens.

The use of classical massage of the neck-collar zone

As we have already explained, such procedures are extremely useful both for the preservation of beauty, and for preventive purposes for health. But what effect does this procedure have?

  • The movements of the masseur cause the skin to redden in the area of ​​exposure due to the fact that more blood begins to flow there.
  • Together with it, the area is saturated with oxygen and useful substances, which improve the general condition of the skin.
  • As a result, not only the appearance of the neck improves, but also the internal state, since excess liquid and fat leave the deep layers.

Indications for use

Neck and collar zone massage is recommended in the following cases:

  • With the regular occurrence of headaches and dizziness
  • To relieve stress and fatigue
  • As an aid in the treatment of hypertension and diseases of the nasal mucosa
  • Problems with the spine in the neck

However, as with other types of massage, there are certain contraindications for this procedure:

  • Oncological diseases
  • Serious disorders in the liver, kidney or heart
  • Diseases of the blood
  • Increased pressure and thrombosis
  • Infectious diseases of the skin in the field of massage
  • Increased body temperature

The basic receptions of massage

Like any other similar procedure, the technique of cervical collar massage can be fully trained independently. We will tell you about the basic techniques and support this information with training videos.

  1. Stroking. This is the most common movement in massage. It starts with him and ends any session. Thus, the specialist prepares the patient's body for further more intense effects, and at the end of the procedure - relaxes the muscles.
  2. Trituration. Helps to expand the blood vessels and smoothes out various seals under the skin. On the technique of movements, something resembles stroking, but it passes more intensively, since it is necessary to apply more force.
  3. Kneading. It is done with the tips of your fingers. So the skin in the massaged area can be crumpled to improve blood and lymph circulation.
  4. Felting. Excellent effect on the deep layers of tissues, causing vasodilation. So you can increase muscle tone.
  5. Vibration. This technique is a rapid movement of the palms or fingertips. Most often it is used at the end of the session.

It is important:

  • The patient should sit on a stool so that the masseur has access to the spine
  • You can not mash the spinal cord or move from the bottom up. The procedure can be performed only by longitudinal movements from the occiput to the coccyx
  • Simultaneously with the massage of the neck-collar zone, you need to knead and shoulders

Despite the fact that this type of massageImplies the impact on a very important part of our body - the spine, you can master the technique yourself. Watch a few training videos and be sure to follow all the recommendations listed on the bottom. Do not try to come up with your own methods or influence the spine too much.

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