/ What is lymph drainage massage? Massage from the swelling of the feet.

What is lymphatic drainage massage? Massage from the swelling of the feet.

How does lymph drainage massage the feet?

The technique of this massage has a beneficial effectOn the circulation of lymphatic form, which, in turn, removes from our body excess fluid, toxins and free radicals. This greatly affects the elimination of puffiness, treatment of varicose veins, a general decrease in the volume of the legs. In addition to these positive effects, due to the reduction of stagnation of lymph, the general well-being improves, the person feels a new surge of strength, the protective barrier of the organism rises.

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For the appearance of the first visible results,Massaging must be done twice a week for two to three months. It is desirable that the massage was done by an experienced masseur or a doctor who is well versed in the location of the lymph nodes.

Age restrictions for thisThere is no procedure. However, there are a number of contraindications, including fungal and infectious skin diseases, allergic reactions, burns, malignant and benign neoplasms, thrombophlebitis, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, elevated body temperature, pregnancy at any time and breastfeeding.

Technique of performing lymph drainage foot massage

Before the session, the patient must takeLying position. The body should be relaxed, legs are exposed. For this massage it will be useful to apply massage oil or cream, which will help control the pressure on the problem areas.

So, you need to work with both hands. Massing movements have the nature of stroking, light pressure and wavy movement. Start massaging from the hips. To do this, the masseur should grasp the femoral surface with both hands and go towards the knees in a semicircular motion to the right and left.

Now we work the hips with light finger-clicks. Try to control the force, because with excessive pressure, there may be bruises.

The same manipulations must be made with the lower part of the legs. Now the movement needs to start from the knees to the ankles.

The total time of the session is 40-60 minutes.

Lymphatic drainage massage is not complicated, but at the same timeTime is an effective measure for many ailments, especially those associated with the feet. With a regular visit to the masseur, a person is able to completely get rid of the problems of puffiness, varicose veins, low immunity and even excess weight. Do not forget to take time for your health, then your life will be much more pleasant and colorful!

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