/ How to make a lymphatic massage? What is useful for lymphatic massage?

How to make a lymphatic massage? What is useful for lymphatic massage?

How to do lymphatic massage?

Despite the fact that the visual technique of thisMassaging may seem easy and relaxing, in fact, it is quite a powerful procedure that affects not only the muscles and skin, but also the whole body.

To perform this procedure, the massage therapist mustWell understand the location of the lymph nodes. Movements should not be sharp and very pressing, otherwise harm can be done instead of the expected benefit.

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Massaging should take place in a warm room, without the use of special lubricants. The person should be relaxed, for this purpose before a session it is necessary to make ten deep breaths.

So, massage should begin with working outCervical and thoracic and axillary nodes. To do this, first feel for the first group and lightly press the fingers, the patient must breathe slowly and deeply. We do the same with the rest of the lymph nodes. If desired, in addition to pressure, you can also make easy slow stroking of the sites.

Now go to the abdomen and groin area, becauseIt is in these places that a large concentration of small lymph nodes is concentrated. In this case it is necessary to work no longer with your fingers, but with the entire palm of your hand. Movements should be in a slow rhythm of a pressing character, while manipulations are necessarily accompanied by deep breathing of the massaged. The development of each area should last for 10-15 minutes.

Foot lymph massage

The technique for performing this massaging is severalDiffers from the top part, since now the task of the masseur is to cause the outflow of lymph in the legs. This procedure is excellent in the treatment of varicose veins, vascular networks and swelling of the legs. Thanks to the outflow of lymph, the thighs lose a little in volume, which is perfect for correcting the figure. The mass begins with the upper part of the hip. Fingers and the base of the palm of a massage therapist should lightly squeeze the skin. Manipulation must be done slowly and smoothly.

Visually with a full technique of implementationLymphatic massage of legs and whole body you can see in this video. To achieve good results, the general course of this massage should consist of 15-18 sessions. And in the first 2-3 weeks they need to be performed once in seven days, eventually increasing the number of sessions.

As you already understood, to restoreLymphatic system is not necessary to take expensive medications. It is enough only to perform regular lymph node massage with an experienced specialist.

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