/ / Tattoo for girls. Beautiful sketches of tattoos for girls.

Tattoo for girls. Beautiful sketches of tattoos for girls.


Tattoo for girls on hand
Tattoo for girls on the back
Tattoo for girls on the neck
Tattoo for girls on foot

Tattoo for girls on hand

Tattoo on the arm
Tattoo on the leg for girls: sketches

Tattoo on the arm (shoulder, forearm, wrist)The most popular for several reasons. First, the hands are always in sight, which will allow everyone to notice your original decoration. Secondly, doing a tattoo on your hands is not as painful as, for example, on your neck or lower back.

Although, everyone has their own pain threshold, soTo prove this theory in person is possible only in practice. Third, on the arm, any tattoo will look good. It can be a small tattoo for girls in the form of a butterfly, a star or an inscription, or a large drawing on the whole hand, which is also known as a "sleeve".

Tattoo for girls on the back

Tattoo on the back
Sketches of tattoos for girls on foot

A tattoo on your back will emphasize your sexuality. If you make it between the shoulder blades and put on a luxurious evening dress with an open back, the whole male half of the party will be at your feet! There are many sketches of tattoos for girls created especially for the back. Again, the dimensions may vary, depending on your preferences and courage. In Japan, from time immemorial, they made tattoos on their backs, depicting them with golden carp and dragons, beautiful geisha and brave samurai. Today, you can fill the back with a small butterfly on the shoulder blade, and a large sexy panther with burning eyes.

Tattoo for girls on the neck

Tattoo on the neck
Sketches of a tattoo on a foot for girls

Not every lady will decide on a tattoo on her neck, butEven this species is gaining popularity today. He refers to extreme tattoos, because he is constantly in sight, and not everyone will dare to make such a drawing. In addition, the application process is quite painful, so this tattoo still has to be literally suffered. But if you are determined and adamant, she will please you for the rest of her life. Certain sketches of tattoos for girls around the neck can visually lengthen it and make it more elegant. And on the contrary, if you incorrectly select a drawing, you can spoil your appearance.

Tattoo for girls on foot

Tattoo on the legThe Internet is full of photo tattoos for girls, andOften come across drawings on their feet. A neat inscription in ornate font can adorn a thin ankle, and from such legs any man will go mad. The most painful areas are located under the knees and on the inside of the thigh.

So if you are afraid of pain, betterDo a tattoo on the calf or the outside of the thigh. Today it is quite popular to fill the image of the wedding garter at the top of the leg. Enjoy your contemplation of such beauty can only your lover or those who are lucky to meet you in the summer on the beach. Also very beautiful look two bows one on each leg. Stuff them on the back of the thigh 15-20 cm above the knees. Just imagine how charming they will look when you put on a short skirt, and the bows will look out from under it!

As for the sketches of tattoos for girls, theirCan easily be found on the Internet or order an individual drawing, which will have a special meaning, from the tattoo master. In the second case, you can be sure that no one in the world will have such beauty!

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