/ / Application of aloe: for face, hair aloe, mask

Application of aloe: for face, hair aloe, mask

Application of aloe for face

If you have a problem skin - aloe juice is excellentA doctor, especially effective for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema. Ideal is the mask of aloe for sensitive skin, prone to allergic rashes. There are also special hair masks, but to use them you need the right approach.

How to prepare a mask from the leaves of aloe for hair?

To squeeze the maximum amount of substances useful to our hair from the plant, perform everything exactly as described below:

  1. We cut off the leaves of the century from below and in the middle, which are the largest and "fleshy";
  2. Rinse them with water and dry with a paper towel;
  3. Now wrap them in paper (dense, type of cardboard) and send for 2 weeks in the fridge;
  4. Some leaves turn black, so they need to be removed, and squeeze the juice from the rest and strain it with a gauze dressing;
  5. 2-3 times a week, gently and smooth movements rub balm into the scalp. It is not necessary to wash off, it must be absorbed.

How to prepare a mask from an aloe from acne?

This plant is an excellent natural remedy for pimply acne. It will definitely help if you make the right tincture:

  1. Beat the egg by separating the protein. Mix 2 tablespoons of juice squeezed over the top and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice;
  2. Mix everything well. Apply the received liquid to the face, wait until the mixture is absorbed into the skin. Rinse your face with warm water.

Do this every day, for 7-14 days. It is suitable for oily skin types, narrowing the pores and drying your face.

How to prepare a mask from the aloe around the eyes?

To avoid the wrinkles that so often bother many women, you do not need to buy expensive creams, because absolutely the same trace elements and even more are contained in the leaves of aloe.

  1. Squeeze the juice from the leaves 14 days after you get the previously cut leaves from the refrigerator and get rid of the blackened;
  2. The procedure is simple - apply juice to the skin around the eyes before going to bed. After that, you do not need to wash yourself. Perform such actions continuously for 20 days, then take a break in 1 week.

Thus, after a couple of months you will get a good effect, which will argue with the fact that they give expensive cream.

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If you have dry facial skin, it is not recommended to use only the juice of the plant. Mix it with honey, glycerin and warm water in the same proportions and after that apply.

Caution: never try liquid from the sheets for taste, do not eat inside. Otherwise, poisoning is possible, diarrhea.

Aloe is an amazing combination of ingredients. As if the one who created him initially knew what the skin and hair of women needed, putting the whole complex of necessary nutrients and vitamins. Use the tips from this article and you will not regret it. If the house is not a century-old - go to the pharmacy, there you will prompt good creams, consisting of more than 90% of the juice of this medicinal plant.

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