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Almond oil for hair and face

Almond oil is known for its slow andDeeply penetrates into the hair, giving them all its useful properties, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Let's take a closer look, what is useful for almond oil for hair growth and improve their appearance.

For shiny hair

Regular massage with almond oil hundred percentMake the hair beautiful and shiny, relieve the dullness and unprepossessing appearance. It will put your hair in order, if damaged by frequent use of a hair dryer, ironing, paint, curling and so on. Almond oil penetrates the hair shaft and smoothes it. Due to the high content of fatty acids and proteins, it deeply moisturizes the scalp and hair, giving them a soft and shiny look.

For hair growth

It penetrates into the deeper layers of the scalpAnd strengthens the hair from the roots. Thanks to the high content of vit. E, as well as Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, it promotes hair growth. Almond oil hair thickens, eliminates their fragility and makes it remarkably durable. A regular massage with this oil will make your hair perfect.

Reduces inflammation

As you already understood, almond oil for growthHair is simply irreplaceable, but that's not all. Our scalp is constantly exposed to some kind of harmful effects: dust, cold, heat, the environment, and tadaleye, which often leads to inflammation. And not knowing this problem can lead to the onset of infection, hair loss and even baldness. The use of a single oil reduces inflammation, moisturizes the scalp and improves health.

Reduces dandruff and cleanses the skin

If you regularly do massage withAlmond oil, it will help soften the skin and remove dandruff and dead skin cells when washing with hair shampoo. The skin is cleansed, the pores and oil are opened and can penetrate deeply into the hair follicles.

Reduce loss of hair

Almond oil for hair growth - just a find, nadoskazat. It is light and gentle, creates a protective film on the hair, nourishes them, protects the hair, promotes growth and reduces their loss.

How to applymandal oil for hair

It is best to do this: At night, do massage with almond oil, if the hair is long - tie them into a neat bundle and cover with a towel, if short, just tie it so you do not stain the pillow. In the morning, just wash it off with your shampoo.

Of course, not everyone can sleep with butter and knottedhead, so there is also an option - just lightly heat the oil, apply for 1 hour hair, wrap them (with heat, oil will work better), and then wash it off.

Almond oil for skin

This is a great tool for skin care, be sure to try it not only for the hair, but for the face, and you'll see that it works better than the most expensive store tool.

The greatest benefit of using almondoil in that it has a very gentle effect on the skin and is also suitable for any type. It keeps the skin hydrated and instantly absorbed without blocking the pores, which is one of the main causes of problems. Especially it will fit, if your skin is sensitive, dry and irritated.

Almond will help you get rid of littlefrom such unpleasantness as dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and stains. Just apply it under the eyes regularly at night and soon you will see an excellent result. It will help you to renew, rejuvenate the skin, make it fresh and radiant.

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