/ Why does a girl want to make a tattoo?

Why does a girl want to make a tattoo?

Body art is considered the oldest speciesArt in our world. Even now, many archaeologists find mummies that are already more than two hundredths old, and they bear various drawings. In ancient times tattoos served as hands for the human body, now it's just a "picture for decoration." The attitude of body art changes constantly.

For example, psychologists say that ifPeople already have at least three tattoos and he thinks about the fourth, then this is an accurate signal that he has his own complexes about himself. This complex of inferiority prevents him from living, and thanks to tattoos he wants to express himself. For many, a tattoo is a kind of drug or alcohol. Man can not stop.

Why does a girl want to make a tattoo?

There are so many factors that can push to make a tattoo. There are a couple of common opinions, why do we make the drawings on the body.

  • New impressions. The tattoo can become very bright and powerfulAn impression for life. This feeling of fear mixed with ejection from the vagina can make many stupid things happen. These feelings can resemble good events in life, or, conversely, something sad about which hard to remember.
  • Become an individual. Nobody wants to be like everyone else. Girls want to become an individual. A tattoo can help distinguish yourself from others. This is the most common trend. And some do tattoos and fashion. After all, it is fashionable and stylish - to have a tattoo. Now more and more girls are making tattoos to make their drawing special. To be not like everyone else.
  • Love in the heart. Strong emotions - powerful motivation to makeA tattoo. Approximately 40% of people on the planet with tattoos are Americans. They often make drawings on the skin under the influence of love euphoria. Therefore, there is a probability to make a tattoo in the gust of passion and strong emotions.
  • Show your beliefs. Many girls want to prove to their friendsBeliefs. Most often these are teenagers from 15 to 18 years. They believe that no one understands them. The reason may be religious or other radical views on life. But it is worth thinking about, why should anyone at all something to prove? The main thing is that you yourself believe in it. The opinion of others is not so important.
  • Scars. Some have very ugly scars on the body. And tattooing can significantly mask them. Therefore, this is not the worst way to improve the appearance of the body. But the wound must be at least 2.5 years old. So she can already heal. Over time, the scars can stretch, therefore, and the tattoo too. Therefore, periodically you have to make a correction.
  • Stylish and fashionable. This argument is used by many young people. After all, the tattoo is stylish, beautiful and very fashionable. Do not imitate someone. If you really like tattoos, then they must be thought out and on a sober head. After all, what's stylish today can come out of fashion tomorrow. You do not have to chase fashion trends, if you do not like them. You need only what you like.

Do or not do tattoos - very seriousquestion. You can talk about this for hours. Yet it is worth doing it only if a person needs it. And this is not just a surge of emotion. After all, it will be very painful to withdraw it. Moreover, most often after such procedures are scars.

Salon masters are now recommended for startersDo a temporary tattoo. To girlfriend, she likes, she likes it. After all, over time, it can and get bored, and get rid of it so easily will not work. Do these tattoos with henna. In some salons make paints for permanent make-up, this tattoo will last 5 years.

Beautifully looks like a tattoo on the neck, ankles,Wrists. Girls with tattoos are very attractive and immediately attract their views. The cost of the service is great, but it is not worth saving and giving yourself into the hands of inexperienced masters, they can spoil your body. It is better to go to a good salon to pay money, because a poor-quality tattoo then still have to be interrupted. Let each girl decide for a start, why she needs a tattoo, and then does it. This is an important decision!

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