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A new word in cosmetology: 3D Mezoniti

3D Mezoniti is one of the modern technologies,A unique technique for the reinforcement of facial skin. If compared with obsolete techniques, 3D mezoniti uses an innovative apparatus for introducing reinforcing filaments into the tissues of your skin. In fact, this technology is designed not only for the face, but also for the neck, chest, abdomen, legs, arms and buttocks.

Mezoniti is also called a ligature lifting,Thanks to the new technology, women can remove wrinkles, correct the face and contour of the body. The procedure is able to remove nasolabial folds, tighten the skin of the face. This technique can easily be combined with other methods of correction of the face shape (laser resurfacing, myostimulation, pilling).

3D Mezoniti - the best method against age changes

Similar technologies, when threads are introduced forA skin lifting, use very much for a long time. As it turned out, the threads are introduced into the problem areas, and they remain in the tissues forever. Many people can think that this is not safe, perhaps this is the point.

More recently, it has become a popular Mezoniti 3D. They effectively restore the 3D structure of the skin, at the same time making it more youthful and healthy. The most important thing in this procedure is that the threads are completely absorbed after a few months. Therefore, the procedure is safe and does not harm the health of women.

Everything is very simple. With the help of a conductor needle, a mezzanine is inserted under the skin. They are made of very high quality material. This is polydioxanone, it has been used for 30 years in microsurgery. The filaments themselves are covered with polyglycolic acid. So be afraid of something! The technology is verified and carries with it incredible results.

How is the procedure performed?

As it was found out, саминити in tissues are exposedHydrolytic decomposition, that is, the water and carbon dioxide that are habitual for the organization. In just six months, the threads can completely dissolve in the human body. But the effect of the threads is provided for about two years. Perhaps more. The procedure is good because mesonites themselves scatter in the body and provide collagen formation without any damage.

To date, the procedure is carried out usingLocal anesthesia. Usually, the cream is used as a lidocaine. But you can do without pain medication, because the procedure is quite painless, you can feel only a tingle. If you have an increased threshold of sensitivity, it is still recommended to use anesthesia.

Thread set very easily. The entire system consists of an injection needle-conductor and self-mesonite for the procedure. The thread is fixed in the "eyelet" of the needle. This will make it possible to reinforce the ligature very easily and to separate the threads from the needle itself, creating an instantaneous effect. The number of mezzanites is determined by a doctor, because this process is individual to each person. On average, the procedure takes about 30 minutes of time, and the effect is immediately visible.

Already a couple of months after her around the ligature(The zone where the procedure was performed) a collagen skeleton is formed. And thanks to this, there is an additional tightening of the skin and subcutaneous fat. This is great for improving the face oval, eyelid lift, recovery of the zygomatic area. This procedure is not recommended for girls under 25 years.

It is very important to choose a good specialist. Do not save on it and give yourself into the hands of a stranger. After all, depends on skillful hands and the result. For this procedure, the specialist must thoroughly know the anatomy of the human body and the technical implantation of the threads.

With what can I combine 3D Mezoniti?

Everyone knows that for a greater effect,Carry out complex procedures. Such a result will be more tangible. It is now recommended to use the mezzanine with the filler. This is a whole spectrum of new opportunities in the field of cosmetology and microsurgery. This procedure will simply be a stunning effect.

Also apply mesoniti along with radio-activeLifting. It is carried out already three weeks after the introduction of 3D Mezoniti. This lifting strengthens the effect and effect of mesonizing in the layers of the skin and in a month you can safely apply other techniques to rejuvenate the skin in the complex. For a small amount of time, you can achieve incredible results, which you could only dream about.

Indications and procedure contraindications

3D Mezoniti is a harmless hardware procedure that can rejuvenate and refresh the skin. So what is it used for?

First of all, to remove wrinkles in the eye areaAnd forehead, as well as lip-scruffy wrinkles. A very serious problem for many women are nasolabial folds and sagging eyelids, these problems will cope with the mezzanine. Effectively fights the procedure and with folds on the chest, chin, neck, behind the auricle. Pulls the lowered edges of the eyebrows. Suspended tissues on the buttocks, abdomen, legs and hands.

It is not recommended to apply mezonites for influenza andAcute infectious diseases. With oncology, you should also abandon the mezzanite. If a person has a clotting disorder, then you should consult a doctor. In case of inflammation, the skin should wait until it passes before introducing the strands.

We hope that this information helped to understand what is 3D Mezoniti, and why this procedure is applied.

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