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Intimate plasticity as a fashion trend

The main cosmetology hit of the last year -The injections of the hyaluronka to the point G. Initially, this filler was used only for aesthetic purposes - it gave volume, removed excess folds and so on. But the side effect was much more interesting: it was found that hyaluronic acid at the point G, aimed at precisely at the point, increases the pleasure from sex - the enlarged tubercle becomes more accessible for stimulation. After six months, the effect subsides, but the procedure can be repeated. The remedy turned out to be miraculous: one shot replaced psychotherapy - thousands of women had self-esteem and family life. What did we know five years ago about the aesthetics of genital organs and environs? That there is an epilation of the bikini zone - Brazilian and Hollywood, there are intimate haircuts, piercings and appliques made of rhinestones for solemn occasions. Today, everything is much more diverse: intimate aesthetics from beauty salons smoothly moved to the offices of plastic surgeons. And the knowledge of methods of intimate correction is the main advantage of a specialist: the list of services "below the belt" has expanded - from surgical correction to rejuvenating programs. Not to mention half a dozen cosmetic procedures associated with whitening an unnecessary (in the eyes of the client) pigmentation in intimate areas. In fact, surgical intimate correction is older than bikini epilation for a quarter of a century: the first operation for hymenoplasty was made in the USA in 1962, and the salon that offers American Brazilian hair removal appeared only in 1987. True, enterprising Brazilians gave birth to a world-class fashion, and Dr. Bernull's innovation was in demand only where the words "maiden's honor" were not an empty sound, and therefore this fact is much less known.

Forms for every taste
If you think that the question of form is relevant onlyFor those parts of the body that are obvious to the general public - you are seriously mistaken. Surgeons of aesthetic medicine clinics perform a variety of operations to change the shape and size of small and large labia, by narrowing or vice versa, increasing the depth and width of the vagina, pulling out of the clitoral folds or vice versa, deepening it, correcting the pubic area and much more.

The most popular operation is changing the formLabia and clitoris. And the medical prerequisites for such operations, when natural data (fused or too large labia, an enlarged clitoris) interfere with normal life, there are only 15-20% of operated women. The rest come exclusively for aesthetic perfection. And although nature allows any form, color and size, the patients, as a rule, have a very clear idea of ​​how their sexual organs should look. The youngest client, who wanted to make intimate plastic surgery from Russian surgeons, was, according to the doctors, 16 years old, and her mother fully approved her desire for excellence.

"Why is this all?" - you ask. The answer is simple: to feel happy. Someone for happiness needs a bag of Stella McCartney, someone - a forehead without a single wrinkle, and someone - absolutely symmetrical, slightly swollen labia soft pink and perfectly triangular clitoris. And without this, and sex is not engaged in thrill, and even strip in front of a man ashamed.

Eternal youth
The procedure of vaginal rejuvenation for a long timeWas an exclusively age-related operation: it appeared as a solution to the complex gynecological problem of weakening the muscles of the vagina, which manifests itself mostly in women over fifty and greatly complicates life. Biorevitalization and strengthening of the vaginal walls with the aid of an implant mesh were made on medical grounds. So far, again, because of the side effects - the healing of microcracks due to the renewal of tissues and increase the moisture of the vagina - the procedures did not interest women giving birth. In addition, the operation tightened weakened muscles (without any exercises, almost instantly). Next vaginoplasty and "rejuvenation" interested and nedozhavshie girls age 28, convinced that "the sooner you start, the better it will be." Russians to the issue of cosmetology and surgical intervention are radical and begin to maintain youth as soon as they receive a passport. And often it's not just a "rejuvenation", but rather a desire to make this part of the body "on order". How inddoshiv describes the procedure and Dr. Alberto Calligaro, professor of histology and embryology at the University of Pavia: "You can choose any parameters of your genital organs and surgeons will do everything exactly according to your" pattern "- from appearance to the degree of smoothness and elasticity, all exactly Just as if you were ordering a pattern in the atelier. " The principle of operation is simple: the scanner separates the laser beam into thinner ones, which make tiny punctures in the walls of the vagina. Thanks to this, the collagen is renewed, the blood flow to the organs increases, the elasticity of tissues improves, they are significantly tightened. There is a suspicion that girls come to the surgeon, as well as to the tailor, with a photo of the heroine from their favorite movie, albeit already in the XXX category.

The procedure has not only supporters, but also ardentOpponents who believe that with the strengthening of muscles Kegel exercises perfectly, moisturizing restores preparations based on phytoestrogens or hormone replacement therapy, and surgical biorevitalization is a fiction that works on the principle of placebo.
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