/ How to properly shave your legs with a depilator?

How correctly to shave legs or foots a depilator?

The main advantage of the device itself is that the hairs are torn out completely together with the root. In comparison with usual shaving of feet the result keeps longer at times.

Epilation of the legs using a depilator - far from beingA new procedure. For many women, she has already entered the familiar mode of caring for herself. This kind of hair removal allows you to forget about unwanted hairs for a long time. If the hair itself grows slowly, then one such procedure can suffice even for a month.

Let's move on to actions
Beginning of hair removal at home,Make sure that the hairs in the necessary area of ​​the industry at least 4-5 mm. If the hair is shorter, the tweezers built into the epilator simply can not grasp them. In this case, move the event for a couple of days.

The procedure of hair removal, of course, veryPainful, especially if you shave your legs with a depilator for the first time, or you treat more sensitive areas, such as a bikini zone. To reduce pain, take a hot shower before starting the procedure. This will ripen the skin, facilitating the release of unwanted hairs. It is not superfluous to apply a cleansing scrub that will remove the dead skin pieces and also simplify the upcoming procedure.

After showering, be sure to carefully wipe the skin with a towel. Epilate wet skin is not worth it.

Pay attention to the choice of the epilator itself. The creators of this miracle of technology came up with the most inconceivable trick to reduce the discomfort of epilation. It can be massage nozzles, a cooling glove or a container, various speeds of work and so on.

If the epilation still causes pain, tryAs if to pull a piece of skin, which you plan to process, with your free hand and draw on it with a depilator. Painful sensations should decrease. Do not try to shave the whole leg at once. Stop, take small breaks, massaging the painful areas. Also you can resort to the help of anesthetics. Various sprays, creams and ointments with an analgesic effect will definitely solve the problem of epilation.

Several rules for improving the effect
Epilation is only from the bottom up, againstHair growth. Otherwise, some of them can survive and the procedure will not give the proper result. The epilator is pressed lightly, strongly not pressing, under a slight inclination. Conduct them slowly over the skin, trying to grab as many hairs as possible. If you make sharp movements, you can tear off the hair, while leaving the root in place. Check yourself by running your hand over the shaved area. If the skin is not yet perfectly smooth, you should return to this place again.

After the end of hair removal, to avoidIrritation, redness or inflammation, apply any antiseptic to the cleansed skin. Peroxide of hydrogen is perfect. Next, use a special oil after epilation. It will help moisturize the skin and slow hair growth until the next session.

When again it is necessary to resort to the help of a depilator it is possible to determine only in an individual order, namely as the hair grows. Recall that hairs should grow at least 4-5 mm.
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