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Hairstyles in style of style

A vivid example of hairstyles in style stilig - "Babette"

The most ideal version of hair style styleCan be considered a "babette" - it will well emphasize this image. This name was given in honor of Brigid Bordo, who starred in the movie "Babette Goes to War." This voluminous styling will emphasize the style of the style, as it was in demand among women in the sixties.

How to make a style of "babette"?
Clean, dry hair needs to be straightenedCarefully, so that they become smooth. Then a tall tail is made, and the hair is already in the tail divided into two parts. One will be basic, so there should be a little more. The second part of hair (not basic), leaving at the beginning a small distance of straight hair, it is necessary to comb. Overcoat is done from the bottom up. Some of the left hair at the top of the fleece will cover the hairstyle outside. Then naches carefully tucked and stacked. You can use hair spray or hairpins.

The main part of the hair is divided into two parts of the same size and gently wraps around the fleece. Try to do it carefully, in order not to damage the basis of hair and hair.

Outcome: After the installation is complete, you need to fix it. It is best to use invisibility, hairpins and then splash the finished hair with a persistent lacquer. Done!

Hairstyles in style for short hair and medium
One of the easiest ways to createStyle hairstyles - buying a chignon. He will fit perfectly into short hair and long hair. With the help of a chignon, you can create a "babette", a shell, and also it is very easy to fix with the help of hairpins and invisible. This option will be the most optimal solution for creating hair style in style stylig on short hair.

From hair length to the shoulders can createHollywood waves. Make it simple enough with a curling iron. Do your hair only on clean and dry hair. Divide all the hair into strands, then distribute them to the upper and lower. To start to wind hair on a curling plate it is necessary from the bottom locks. Thus, in order all the hair strands are wound in the same direction. To give the hair a smooth look, the hair is brushed a little. It should consist of natural bristles, otherwise the smoothness will be slightly spoiled by the clinging nap.

Fix a hairstyle with a persistent hairspray. To give the individuality and brightness of the hairdo, you can pin a few strings at the temple or put on a bright bezel. Stacking is ready!

Wedding hairstyles in style style
The bride at the wedding always wants to be herselfBeautiful and happy. For this holiday style hair styles will suit. You can make such a stacking as a "French shell". It can be done independently, but of course, with small skills. But if you still want to achieve an irreproachable result, then it is better to invite a master.

How to make a wedding hairstyle yourself?
The most important thing is to keep the volume. Clean dry hair must be combed back and combed. Then make a short, tight, classic tail. Directing inside, the hair should be carefully folded, twisting the entire tail. In this case, the hand moves from the tip of the tail to its tip. Do this action is necessary until the tail is collected in a bundle-shell. The tip of the tail is best hidden under the hair and secured with invisible or stilettos. Then just brush your hair. In the end, we fix it with varnish. Voila, ready hair!

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