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Photoepilation at home

In general, what only women came up with toMake the skin perfectly smooth: shaving machines, wax, sugar hair removal, laser hair removal in the salon. All these methods create a lot of problems: microtrauma, inflammation and irritation, chemical compounds very often cause allergies, etc. In addition, many would not like epilation in the cabin - often embarrassment is caused by someone else who has to be treated for such an intimate procedure.

In the modern world, dynamically developingEspecially in the last decade, there was a method of photoepilation, which very quickly won the trust of women, because it provides removal of unnecessary hairs for a long time. The effectiveness of the application is explained by the action of intensely pulsating light on the follicle and the hair shaft, which are destroyed by the absorption of light. Unfortunately, many women are still under the influence of various misconceptions and myths, and therefore do not particularly trust the new method.

Photoepilation in the walls of the house is not a myth!
Until recently, many believed that photoepilationCan be done only in medical offices or in beauty salons. Most recently, everything was exactly like this: a record to a specialist in the salon, a course of procedures and a considerable sum, laid out in the end. Put out this amount can be affordable for not every woman.

At the present time, this procedure can beIn home conditions with the help of devices for home photoepilation. They allow you to effectively remove hairs on any part of the body, including in areas of special sensitivity, including deep bikini. This procedure is gaining popularity more and more, first of all due to great efficiency and absolute painlessness. To use home photoepilators, no additional training is required. Manufacturers guarantee complete safety and the ability to conduct the procedure of photoepilation on their own.

Recently, various companies are activelyAdvertise similar devices, the use of which is 5-6 times cheaper than the procedure in the cabin. If you consider that the duration of the effect is about 3-7 years, then it is easy to calculate its economy at home. However, making a choice in favor of a home photoepilator, it would be nice to know that good, high-quality devices for photoepilation are several times more expensive. The manufacturer, which reduces the cost of the device, as a rule, reduces the power, and hence the efficiency.

Both in the cabin and at home forAchieving the desired effect requires several procedures: the impact of light on the hair shaft is possible only in the stage of active hair growth. You should also know that over time some follicles can "wake up" and separate hairs will appear. With caution, you need to refer to advertising assurances that during photoepilation unwanted vegetation will retire forever and instantly. Unfortunately, this is not true: approximately 10-12 procedures will help you achieve the desired effect. Much in this case depends on the structure and type of hair, the state of the body and the hormonal background.

Photoepilation has some advantages overCompared with the laser: it removes not only dark hair, but also any other types. Worse, for example, are amenable to this procedure, gray or very light, they contain too little melanin.

Contraindications to home photoepilation
Photoepilation both in the salon and in the homeHas a number of contraindications. The reason to refuse should be skin and infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, a fresh tan, varicose veins. With a list of contraindications it is necessary to get acquainted at a consultation with a specialist. When conducting photoepilation, a doctor's consultation is a necessary procedure.

Certainly, the choice is for women who dreamThe most effective, quickly and safely become owners of beautiful, well-groomed and smooth skin. New cosmetology modern technology has stepped from the salons home, it remains only for everyone to make their own choice: to try the device for photoepilation at home or go to a proven beauty salon.
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