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Tattooing henna at home

Painting henna on the body arose a fewMillennia ago. Even the ancient Egyptians decorated their bodies with drawings. Initially, such drawings determined belonging to a noble family. Later they were carried as a kind of amulets, known as Mendi.

Eastern women are confident that they are protecting themFrom misfortunes. In addition, patterns draw attention to slender legs, graceful hands. The subtle and subtle smell of henna can ignite the male passion. And still henna keeps softness and tenderness of the skin.

So, if you decided to make a tattoo of henna at home, then we recommend that you buy the ingredients for the preparation of the coloring paste. You will need:

  • A natural henna, which is designed specifically for painting on the body,
  • lemon juice,
  • Basma, tea, ground coffee,
  • sugar.

To prepare a dye for a tattoo, take20 grams of henna powder and mix with the juice of several lemons. In order to make the drawing more dark, we suggest adding a bit of basma. Put the resulting composition in a plastic bag and leave it overnight in a warm place. Then add one teaspoonful of sugars and with the help of lemon juice bring the mass to a thick state. Now wrap the mass in polyethylene again and leave it in a warm place for another night.

There is another recipe for the preparation of paints forHenna tattoos. In a half liter of boiling water, pour a few tablespoons of black tea or a few tablespoons of coffee ground, and maybe one and the other together. Leave to simmer for about sixty minutes. Add in the resulting broth five tablespoons of sicalinone and leave to infuse for six hours.

In the jar, sift 50 grams of henna powder and a little warmed up infusion, constantly mixing it. Leave it for another couple of hours. Everything, the composition is ready for use.

How correctly applied henna?

We recommend to start experimentingPainting the body with the simplest patterns. Complicate tattoos as you gain experience. Use to start the stencil, which must be washed beforehand under running water using soap. The stencil is applied to the skin and fill the henna slots with a brush or syringe without a needle.

Well, if you first draw a pattern on the skin with a pencil and paint it with paint. For drawing of thin lines it is possible to use a usual toothpick.

After a scrupulous drawing of a henna pattern onBody let the composition dry thoroughly for a few hours, or even better left overnight. Then the dried paint should be removed with a dry kerchief or by scraping the back of the knife blade.

Drawing by hand can be naturalDrawing. In this case, use your hands to draw a picture. Before applying the paint, treat the palm with a special cleaning agent and lubricate with an olive oil to better consolidate the color. Then remove the moisture residues, since the skin should remain dry. Start drawing an arbitrary pattern.

To prepare a tattoo that could last longer, do not water it for the first time after drawing. But greasing it with olive oil is welcome!

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