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Exercises for the correct position of the head and from the withers

Flexibility and beauty gives your movementsElegance and elegance. Therefore, the head should be raised high, and without straining the neck. If your neck is short, you can hide this flaw by making a suitable hairstyle that opens the neck and covers the ears halfway. You can not wear such dresses, which have a high gate, as well as jumpers with turn-down collars. A long fur collar like a fox will also be inadequate, since your neck, in this case, will look shorter. You will face an elongated and deep cut. It is very unpleasant that the neck, being short, and the indistinctness of the chin's outline predispose to a very fast swimming. Such women are simply obliged to show vigilance to these nuances even from a young age.

Having a very long and thin neck, it is better to chooseSuch hairstyles that will steal. High zippers on suits or coats will help to hide the available shortage. It looks very beautiful on this neck, a clinging velvet, a small scarf or a silk handkerchief. You are the happiest, your chin is contoured sharply, your head is planted, like a ballerina, you keep your head high with gambling.

Of course, that when the head is low,And the shoulders are bent, this does not represent you in a winning light. However, if you work with your muscles, you will be cleared with an unfair verdict of nature. We offer for your attention 2 exercises, which you need to perform very often:

Correct position of the head: Exercises

  • Scrapermasters in the lock, put them on the back of the head, press them with your head, applying force.
  • Chin tighten, as if doing a swallowing movement. Pull the back of the head upwards, as if stretching out growth.

Women have natural traps for fat, one ofWhich is located in the area of ​​the padding. In the people this site is called a cat's because because of love games the cats grab the cats just for this interesting place to keep them. And if there are no movements, in this place there is a violation of the open circulation and salt begins to be deposited. This becomes noticeable when a woman sits for a long time at work, being in a long position for a long time. Her feeling of heat begins in this place. You can look in the trilogy-nail the neck to the shoulders, chop the hair on the back of the head and critically inspect the vestibules. If you find that the neck is not so flexible, and the scruff has become a massive one, take immediate action.

Water procedures

  • In the mornings or evenings, pour your neck with cool water, spraying the back from the back of the neck;
  • Pre-moisten the towel with cold water, squeeze it well, hit them on the nape 12 times;
  • It will be useful if every day to rubNeck with a brush of medium hardness soaped with baby or toilet soap. Then blot out excess moisture and massage the entire area with your fingers, greased with olive oil or a nutritious cream for about five minutes.

Humpback, located near the seventh cervicalVertebrae, it is also called the withers, it gives the figure a not very pleasant look. It arises from the scoliosis of the cervico-thoracic part, weakness of the muscles and excessive body weight. In such cases, the main treatment medication that is used is exercise therapy. If the muscles are well strengthened, then they can displace the fat deposits and the withers can smooth out or disappear altogether, but here one must have patience.

Method of getting rid of withers - complex exercises

  • In standing position, straighten the shoulders and take them back. Then lift them and lower them. Repeat from 20 to 30 times;
  • The starting position - head bend forward, then back, just not sharply. Repeat from 20 to 30 times;
  • The starting position - the circular movements of the shoulders back, straining them as much as possible - from 20 to 30 times;
  • Head to the left, then to the right, but not sharply - from 20 to 30 times;
  • Hands spread apart with the palms facing forward. Take them back, relax and return to the starting position. Carry out with voltage - from 20 to 30 times;
  • Bend your arms in the elbows, keep the hands up. Take your elbows and head back, then go back to the starting position - from 20 to 30 times;
  • Hands straight, raise them up, elbows too straight, brushes connect. Take your hands back, go back to the starting position - from 20 to 30 times;
  • Brush them to the shoulders, start the circular movements of the shoulder joints back - from 20 to 30 times;
  • Sitting on a chair, straighten up, but do not hump. Take the rolling pin for both dough with both hands and roll out the cervical base with it as much as you can - the longer, the better;
  • Lying on your stomach, throw your head back. The trunk (upper part) should be fixed.

The even persistent "pillow" will become soft and evenWill disappear, if you even torment her for a week or so. Of course, during this period you need to eat moderately, so that the new fats are not delayed. And if one day, when you make a critical check, you will find out that the neck bend has become much more elegant, repeat the exercises done in a couple of months.

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