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Basic methods of getting rid of tattoos

But in any case, a fairly large proportion of girls,Who have tattooed themselves, or remain unsatisfied with the result, or fundamentally regret this idea. And then comes the thought: how to get rid of the tattoo is safe for the skin? Is it possible to get rid of the tattoo without a trace?

Remorseless ways to get rid of tattoos

It is unrealistic to take home tattoos independently, notLeaving a trace on the body. Even if the tattoo is full just recently and the kraskane has finally absorbed, it is still too late to try to wipe or discolor the image. In such a case, what comes out of this is a fuzzy, muddy blot. Therefore, one way or another, it will be preferable to wear anyway, although not so successful tattoo, than to remain with a blurred spot.

Yet there are some ways to remove the tattooFrom the skin at home, but not without the monstrous traces and scars that will be with you for a lifetime. There are two ways that are very common: the use of clay, which leaves a burn, as well as the use of alkaline soap, which will entail ithermal and chemical. burn. The essence of these methods in the formation of ulcers on the skin, together with which the skin zone will come down with a statue.

After these monstrous Sadistic withdrawal methodsTattoos, you will need treatment of a surgeon and dermatologist. There are absolutely no guarantees that with the help of these terrible procedures the tattoo will go away entirely, but absolutely surely you will get a disfigured trace on the body.

Mechanical means of getting rid of tattoos

There is, of course, a more humane way to removeTattoo: apply to honey. institution salon or the same tattoo parlor. Nor vyzyvaetsomneniya that getting rid of a tattoo is much more expensive than its fill. On etoneobhodimo time and effort. If you are absolutely sure that you want to get rid of a tattoo, we will share the swami with some new methods how to do it.

In our vast country,Mechanical means of getting rid of tattoos. It consists in the fact that the client removes the skin zone on which the tattoo is stuffed, under anesthesia, of course. It is done by using a stone with a diamond coating or a specially designed cutter with abrasive surface. First remove the upper part of the skin, then rest the layers and so until the tattoo is complete. It's not a secret that after such a procedure, the swelling is impressive, and after it comes down - a large wound.

Not so pleasant feature is thatThe postoperative zone on the body should be kept sterile until the wound is completely healed, as the healing is quite long, about several months, there is a danger of infecting the wound. Will not it be a pleasant experience on the body after healing? This is due to the level of the professional conducted the operation, and whether you observed sterility.

Ways to get rid of laser tattoos

It is much more reliable to use the methodRemoved by the laser. Not so long ago, this type of operation was impressive marks, all because of the fact that the basis of this method is the defeat of the thermal burn of the necessary zone on the body. And when the skin withered, a tattoo was displayed with a crust on the wound.

Today's methods of laser cuttingSuccessfully used since 2004, it differs significantly from its predecessors. The innovation of this technology is that now the laser has an effect only on the coloring pigment, and not on the entire zone on which the tattoo is stuffed. In the finite-volume, some parts of the paint evaporate, and some are divided into particles of the scrap and they are excluded from the body themselves. This method is called selective photovoltaics.

But still you make a mistake if you think thatThe only trip to the doctor will help for ever to get rid of the ill-fated tattoo. It happens that there is a need for a long time, somewhere around a year, in order to free the given problem. First, the tattoo dims, then gradually discoloration, until the pattern disappears completely. In addition, the final stage of such a process, such as photovoltaics, is dependent on:

  • Paint qualities: the result will be negative and the tattoo will not be able to disappear if instead of professional paints for tattoos, ink from gel or ballpoint pens was used.
  • Techniques of drawing and depth of drawing: hardly appreciable drawing nevertheless remains on a body if the tattoo occupies many layers of a skin.
  • Tattoo locations: there are zones on the human body that are more susceptible to scars, regardless of the method of removing the tattoo.

In the end, the best answer is the question of removing tattoosWithout deep scars and any traces on the skin is a selective photovoltaic. Today is the only way to get rid of tattoo without danger to health.

We know that the US has become the founder ofTattoos, but only a few know that about 50% of tattoo owners regretted the perfect error of youth and want to withdraw the tattoo. So, if you are sure of your desire to make a tattoo, take it very seriously when choosing a teens and a professional. This will help you avoid material and nervous costs in the future.

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