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Front door of Feng Shui in a private house

Placement of the entrance door.

The front door, as already mentioned above, shouldPlaced in a favorable place. If you own a two-story house, then remember: do not place a toilet and a bathroom on the second floor, because, above the hall or the entrance door, they spoil the feng shui last. It happens that it is not possible to change the layout of the house. In this case, the only way out is to move the front door in the opposite direction. In addition, if you have a backdoor - use it instead of the front door. However, it often happens that nothing can be changed at all. All you have to do is to light the hall with a bright lamp and close the toilet on the second floor so that no one can use it. This will not make feng shui good, but, at least, will remove a small amount of negative energy from the house.

In addition, remember that if the toiletIs located with the front entrance on the same line, then there will be no luck in the house, because all the positive energy, going into the house, instantly "washed away" on the street. If the redevelopment is not possible, and the toilet is exactly where you do not need, then try not to leave the door open in this room. It happens that the toilet is located though not on a straight line, but not far from the front door. In this case, disguise it - hang an ordinary mirror on the toilet door.

Front door and staircase.

It is worth paying attention to the locationStairs. Worst of all, if the ladder (no matter if it rises up or down) is just before the entrance. To secure yourself in this case, you can use a bell or, as in the case of a toilet, a bright lamp that must be hung in the center of the wall from the outside. Thanks to this, negative energy will go away, though not completely. Another way to get rid of the negative - to separate the ladder from the door by some kind of barrier or screen.

Do not forget the following fact - the safest is the least short staircase.

If your staircase is in your private homeTime opposite the front door, then in any case do not paint it in red - it will bring troubles and misfortunes to the house. Often in large houses, two stairs are made at once - one to climb up, and the other to go down. This is also very bad for your home and for yourself, because the double staircase frightens off luck and success, destabilizes life.

Influence of mirrors on the front door.

The vast majority of Feng Shui expertsSay that you can not place mirrors in front of the front door. By the way, this sign is quite ancient: in the old days people avoided hanging mirrors on the opposite wall from the door, because they believed that it would bring illness and setbacks.

Wherever you hang a mirror, pay attention to the reflection in it - there should not be an entrance door!

The effect of angles on the front door.

Houses having corners or any protrusions nearThe entrance door is a rarity. Nevertheless, they meet, which means that in such dwellings feng shui is unfavorable. Various protrusions create arrows that are harmful to the owners of the house, and let in the house only failures. To soften the negative properties of corners, to make them less harmful will help some plants, in particular, bushy or creeping flowers. Arrange them in the corners, and the troubles will disappear.

The impact of other doors on the front door.

Unfavorable for feng shui layout isThe location of three doors at once on the same straight line. If in your home this is the location of the doors, and redevelopment is not possible, then here is advice from the experts of feng shui: fence the second door, placing a small screen near it. This is necessary so that energy does not sweep through the house, but it slows down its tempo a little and lost some of the negative. If you do not want to do this, then attach a small bell or flute next to the door. This is a less effective way, but still better than nothing.

Worse than three doors in a row, there can be only such a case when the black entrance is in line with the front door, more precisely when they are opposite.

Try to protect your home and do it as quickly as possible so that it does not have time to become saturated with negative energy.

Feng Shui experts do not recommend making a bedroomDirectly opposite the front door - this will open access to negative energy, which will not have the best effect on your life. The bedroom should be located in a room that is as far from the entrance as possible. If you do not have the opportunity to place it in another place, then fence off the doors - the entrance and the door leading to the bedroom, from each other by a screen or some partition. It happens that the free space is so small that you can not put the screen, in this case, hang blinds or a curtain on the bedroom door.

People who understand feng shui say thatIf in your apartment or house the doors are opposite each other, the tenants will constantly quarrel and misunderstand each other. If the doors form a semblance of a triangle, the scandals will be in the house all the time. Correct the situation will help the bell, located in the very center of this triangle. The bell will drive the negative, and the atmosphere in the house will become much more benevolent. To remove negative energy will help and bright light.

Windows and front door on Feng Shui.

It is considered incorrect to place windows and inputThe door opposite each other. In this case, the positive energy will simply not stay in your home, which means that there will be neither luck nor joy in the house. It is best to place windows on a wall adjacent to the front entrance - then the energy of Qi (in other words, the positive energy) will necessarily accumulate. To arrange windows in this way is especially necessary for those who prefer high windows from floor to ceiling.

A good feng shui does not always work, but remember that any aspirations will not go unnoticed.

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