/ How to get rid of acne on the nose?

How to be treated for acne on the nose?

How to get rid of acne on the nose

The method of treatment of acne on the noseDepends, first of all, on the causes of the disease, as well as on its severity. To cure acne on the nose, you should seek qualified help. The specialist should determine the degree of intensity of acne eruptions. Independently get rid of acne on the nose, as in other parts of the body is not recommended, tk. There can be very negative consequences.

If the disease is mild, then it will be possible to limit oneself to special cosmetic procedures with exfoliating agents, with anti-inflammatory effect.

In more difficult cases, acne is treated withDeep facial cleansing, peeling, dermabrasion, injection procedures, etc. All these procedures should be carried out under sterile conditions, following all the doctor's recommendations.

How much time will the treatment take to sayIt is almost impossible. Cosmetologists and dermatologists will not give a guarantee that the rash on the nose will disappear quickly. But a large number of patients who turn to a specialist for help, the effect is noticed after only 1-2 months of treatment.

Cure acne on the nose finally, toUnfortunately, it is not possible. You need to know that to cure this ailment should be constantly. This is a long process and the result is not immediately visible. Treatment of the disease itself is aimed at preventing further appearance of the rash, and not to get rid of acne. Any expert can argue that even after getting rid of acne, you need to carefully monitor and care for the skin and it is advisable to periodically visit the beauty cabinet.

To treat the rash from the inside, a specialist appointsAntibiotics, hormones. External treatment of acne vulgaris on the nose is the application of special preparations to the place of rashes. For external use, funds are prescribed to inhibit the process of sebum, also help prevent stagnation of such fat in the pores, their clogging. Specialists also prescribe drugs that help to destroy bacteria that provoke skin inflammation. This is usually an ointment based on antiseptics or antibiotics. Various anti-inflammatory drugs that soften the skin and regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. How to cure acne on the area of ​​the nose - should determine only the doctor. The fact that self-medication can have various side effects, infections, allergic reactions and various other negative consequences, and the "ugly" nose brings great discomfort (especially to a woman).

To achieve the desired effect,Apply prescribed medications correctly. Also, the treatment of acne on the nose assumes simultaneous carrying out of special cosmetic procedures in this zone. These are procedures such as manual or hardware cleaning (the specialist removes closed and open gums); Peeling (removal of dead skin). It is also used for the severe form of the disease to open the nodes and cysts. This procedure is actually a surgical intervention.

If acne on the nose is heavy, thenIt is necessary to come to the reception to a specialist. Only he can correctly select the treatment you need for your case - it depends on the type of acne. Many drugs that are used to treat acne, have side effects, therefore, they can provoke other diseases. It is for this reason that they should be used under the constant supervision of a specialist.

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