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The farm will come in handy, or 7 practical things to facilitate life

Order is easy

  1. In your purse everything disappears, as in the bottomlessA barrel, and you spend precious time looking for the necessary? Use the organizer for the bag. It is an insert with additional sections and pockets, which will help to distribute and organize the contents of the reticule. The color scheme of such organizers will cheer up, and their design can be compared with the design of a stylish clutch.

  2. And if you have a lot of handbags, the hanging coffer will help to place them in a convenient place where you can easily get any of them. "Pocket" to store bags will help keep them away from children.

  3. Arrange the little things, while decorating the rooms, help hanging pockets. 7, 10, 16 compartments, narrow and wide folding cases for accessories will save space and make the house cozier.

  4. Thanks to boxes for cosmetics and accessoriesYou will not only decorate the ladies' room, but you will feel like a queen, sorting out her jewelry. And one of you will satisfy the childhood dream of a treasure chest.

  5. Follow the boxes for cosmeticsAttention to organizers with lids for socks and underwear. They are designed to save space in your lockers. But their design allows them to decorate and open shelves.

  6. Vacuum bags can be placed in the cabinet evenA few pillows, pack for the summer season a duvet or take a trip a lot of things in one suitcase. The principle of the package is based on the evacuation of air, which makes it possible to compress the thing to an incredibly small size. For the aromatization of things that are in a vacuum, packages are created with the smells of jasmine, lavender, rose, lilac or apple. Vacuum bags with built-in hanger allow you to store many things in the wardrobe.

  7. Every hostess knows how hard it is to attach a houseSeasonal footwear for storage, numerous shoe boxes take up a lot of space. Cases for footwear will help to solve this problem. Only one can accurately fold at once 4 or 6 pairs of favorite shoes, both male and female. This method of storage will allow you to save up to 60% of the space in the cabinet.

Stylish order

Choosing something that will help you save space andTime, give the home individuality, consider the color range of accessories-assistants. Resisted in a single style, they will add extra comfort to the house and emphasize your excellent taste. All things in their places, pleasing to the eye, stress does not threaten ... What else should a good housewife?

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