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Wavy long hair

Long wavy hair

To have a woman were silky, beautiful,Shiny hair, it is desirable to make regular masks from fruits and vegetables or from 2 eggs with 1 tsp. Vinegar, flour and honey. Wash your hair at least twice a week with a suitable shampoo. Do not abuse the curling iron, the hair dryer, they weaken the beauty of the hair. To comb it is necessary a wooden comb or a massage brush, at the same time the scalp is massed and blood circulation improves.

Less nervous so that there is no riskPremature graying. A woman can compensate for the absence of a beautiful figure with wavy, long, thick hair, a beautiful face, kindness, intelligence and ingenuity.

There is no more romantic hairstyle than wavy hair,But in order to curly hair looked attractive, you need to choose the right haircut. The main problem with curly hair is that they are shattered. To solve this problem you need long hair or need a short haircut.

In order to curly hair lookedAttractively, it is necessary to cut the tips of the hair on one line. Pay special attention to styling. Due to the severity of the long curly hair becomes a little straight. If you are going to get rid of annoying curls, help come ployka ironing. But do not get involved in straightening, for hair this is a harmful procedure.

Even in ancient times, long hair was consideredA sign of good health and beauty. Long hair requires special care. Hairstyles for long hair are difficult to do, but the hairdresser's art has already reached such a development that you can bring a photo of your favorite hairstyle and you will have the same hairstyle for long hair. The harder the hair, the more expensive it will be, but people for the sake of beauty go for anything.

Do not save money and time for hair care, if you want men to want you.

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