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How to make mustard foot baths

How to make mustard foot baths

Mustard baths are recommended for bronchitis, chronic pneumonia. These baths are useful for people who suffer from hypertension, this procedure reduces blood pressure.

You can make a mustard foot bath

On a bucket of water take 10 grams of dry mustard. After the procedure is over, wash your skin with clean water, then put on woolen socks.

For colds, make mustardFoot bath. Mustard gives a warming effect, improves circulation in blood vessels and capillaries, enhances blood flow to the foot. To make a bath you need to pour water to the level that covers the joint of the foot, add 1 tablespoon of mustard powder. The length of this procedure depends on when the water starts to cool down, and when it reaches the room temperature, the procedure should be completed. Mustard bath for the feet is not considered a regular procedure and it should be done during the period of the disease once a day.

Foot bath with mustard is the bestA remedy to get rid of the common cold. And even if there is no suspicion of the disease, mustard foot baths will prevent poor health. A foot bath with mustard should be taken twice a week for prevention purposes, and if you are already "visited" by a painful condition, you should take foot baths once a day.

In the tub, the water should be hot, which onlyCan withstand the soles of the feet. As the water cools, you need to add boiling water. After 20 minutes after taking a bath, rinse your feet with warm water, wipe dry and put on woolen socks.

Mustard baths help adults and children cope with the common cold. Take a child with you and pair your legs together. Within 20 minutes you will have time to talk with him on any topic.

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