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Massage for hair growth

Head massage using a normal comb

Brushes for hair are not just called"Massage", because they perform two functions simultaneously: they comb their hair and massage the scalp. It is worth noting that for these purposes it is better not to use a brush with iron teeth, because it not only breaks the hair, but can also damage the scalp. The best option would be a flat wooden comb or a brush with natural bristles.

To perform a massage session, you need a littleTilt the head forward, and then carry it along with a brush. Movement should be from the back of the head to the crown, then from the temples to the crown and to the frontal part. Then the position is changed: the neck is straightened and the head is tilted slightly back. Now it is necessary to move in a direction from a forehead to a vertex, from temples to a nape, from temples to a vertex and from a vertex to a nape.

Head massage with the help of twitching of hair

Strange as it may seem, but to tear your hair at times on yourselfVery useful. It is important only with this not to overdo it. If you pull the hair lightly, it will not do them harm, but will only cause a rush to the scalp of the blood.

A small strand of hair is pulled and grippedWith three fingers: index, middle and large. Each strand should be acted upon by several short jerks, and then proceed to the next strand. In such actions there is nothing complicated - everything is simple and understandable. A good result can be obtained if one or two times a week to do any nourishing hair mask (after the procedure of massage). For a mask, for example, you can use olive oil with honey and egg yolk or gelatin.

Massage by rubbing your scalp with your fingers

One of the most effective methods forStimulation of hair growth is the effect on the scalp with the pads of the fingers. Rubbing should be carried out with slight pressure. It is better to start with active points, which are located on the neck near the hair growth line and behind the ears. It is advisable not just to drive your fingers back and forth, but to perform circular movements during grinding, moving gradually to the top and temples, and then to the frontal part.

It should be noted that rubbing the skin with your fingersStimulates the work of the sebaceous glands on the head, and therefore the hair after the session of such a massage becomes greasy. So, after the massage you need to wash your hair. By the way, instead of shampoo from the store you can use ordinary soda. Soda was used also by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers: they knew its properties and knew when it should be used, and therefore successfully used soda to give beauty and health to their hair.

Head massage to stimulate hair growth with a warm towel

When a girl makes a hair mask, then sheUsually puts a plastic wrap on his hair, and then wraps his head in a towel. This is not just done: useful substances in the heat are absorbed by the scalp and hair much better. It is for this very reason that when using a head massage, it is also effective to use a heated towel.

The towel must be heated before the procedure.Towel warmer or on the battery, and then throw on the head. Massage of the head is carried out through a warm cloth with pads of fingers. The massage scheme is the same as that described above. You can combine this massage with a nourishing mask, for example, from burdock or olive oil. First, massage the head, and then apply a nourishing mask. After applying the nourishing mask, the head should be wrapped up again with a warm towel, so they walk about thirty to forty minutes, and then they wash their heads with warm water with a usual shampoo.

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