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Hair loss due to hormonal changes

Hair and hormones

Both men and women have two typesHormones (androgens and estrogens), on which the condition of our hair depends. Women have predominantly female estrogens, and men have male androgens. Therefore, men are genetically more predisposed to androgenic baldness. But it happens with the beautiful half of humanity. Decreased estrogen levels or increased concentrations of androgen leads to hair loss. In this case, it is not recommended to engage in self-medication, because without the help of a specialist it is not always possible to level the hormonal background.

What hormonal changes are the causes of hair loss

When a woman has hormonal changes in the body, her hair begins to fall out and become more rigid.

  • Stress. In various stressful situations, a large release of hormones occurs. And this negatively affects the condition and growth of hair. Residents of large cities are more prone to such baldness.
  • Postpartum period. During pregnancy, estrogen levels increase in women. As a result, her hair becomes healthier, thicker, stronger. However, after delivery, increased hair loss may begin. This is due to the fact that the ratio of hormones in the body of a woman comes to its former state. But do not panic. Usually, this baldness is temporary and within a year can all be stabilized by itself.
  • Menopause. In the menopausal period, the level of estrogen in a woman inevitably decreases. The main producers of this hormone (ovaries) are gradually becoming obsolete. And the woman's body under this background undergoes unpleasant multiple changes, one of which is hair loss.
  • Adrenal or ovarian dysfunction. Any violations in the work of these organs affect the condition of our hair. Because it is the ovaries and adrenals that produce hormones.
  • Thyroid dysfunction. If the thyroid gland is malfunctioning, then hormones begin to be produced in insufficient or excessive amounts. This leads to hair loss.
  • Medical hormonal preparations. Most often, hair loss in women occurs due to the abolition of hormonal oral contraceptives. In this case, ask your doctor to prescribe substitution therapy for you. It happens that the hair begins to fall out after taking antibiotics. But, usually the process of hair growth is restored after the completion of the course of treatment.
  • Radiological irradiation. Under the influence of hair bulbs of radioactive waves, a large number of hair dies. But after the end of the irradiation they can be restored in time.
  • Chemo (hormone) - therapy. During the passage of these procedures hormonal changes occur in the body of a woman, and hair begins to fall directly bunches. However, after completion of procedures, the scalp is restored.

It should be noted that not always hormonalChanges in the body of women are detrimental to the hair. During pregnancy, many expectant mothers notice a marked improvement in the condition of the hair. It's a pity that this effect is temporary.

How to stop hair loss

To prevent hair loss, you needTo establish the causes of hormonal changes in the body. If hair loss is temporary, then no treatment is required. When the hair loss pathological (menopause, postpartum period), then without the help of a doctor can not do.

The problem is that to determine hair lossDue to hormonal changes is not easy. Therefore, experts recommend not to delay and not experiment with different masks, and without losing valuable time, undergo a complete examination and begin proper treatment.

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