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Gels for intimate hygiene

An acidic environment kills harmful micro-organisms, andHere it is suitable for spermatozoa. If a woman uses soap or a regular shower gel to wash herself, she can disturb the balance in the intimate area. Therefore, to care for her, it is very important to carefully choose a remedy. For women with sensitive skin, a gel for intimate hygiene is suitable. Such a product moisturizes the mucous membrane well and is an excellent substitute for the usual soap.

How to choose a gel?

There are many firms that produceDifferent means for intimate care and choose the best among all their diversity is quite difficult. To be confident in high quality products and protect yourself from counterfeits, buy gels in supermarkets, specialty women's stores or best in pharmacies.

Most gynecologists recommend choosingGels, which take into account all the nuances of the intimate zone, such as acid-alkaline environment in the vagina, its microflora and others. The most successful choice will be such a means that prevent the multiplication of bacteria, because doctors say that such drugs should include lactic acid. It is she who can maintain the acid-base balance in the intimate area, and also protect against infection.

Also good, if the composition of gels for care isExtract of aloe, since it is able to moisturize the skin and extract chamomile, it has anti-inflammatory effect. Use these tools best twice a day: morning and evening.

In addition, the availability in the means for intimate care of components such as:

  • Oak bark extract, calendula or other similar medicinal herbs that are antiseptic and moisturize the skin;
  • Tea tree oil, since it is useful as a preventive agent for a number of female diseases;
  • D-panthenol. This substance moisturizes the skin, and can also remove irritations.

Some quality gels

Gels O "RONI - soft funds designed forDaily intimate care. Thanks to their essential oils and extracts from various medicinal plants (chamomile, calendula, tea tree, etc.), the products have a regenerating, softening and anti-inflammatory effect. Also, these gels have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral effects, are useful as one of the agents for the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases of the intimate zone. They are also used for mild daily cleansing of intimate parts of the body.

"Balian" Is a lubricant gel designed forKeeping clean and comfortable the vagina and external genitalia. This product is designed in such a way that it helps to restore the natural microbiological environment of the vaginal mucosa, as it maintains the humidity level at the required level. Apply this gel to pregnant and lactating women. Gel is also useful for the prevention of a disease such as candidiasis of the vagina. Can be used as a gel-grease in case of dryness in the period preceding or following the menopause. It is used to prevent complications caused by visiting public beaches or swimming pools.

Gel Deo Intim. Firm YUST together with specialists in the field ofGynecology, dermatology and bacteriology has developed an innovative means for intimate care. After the tests, which lasted for 2 years, and in which many women of different age groups took part, GEL DEO INTIM UST was released. It allows you to obtain reliable protection against fungal infections by preserving the natural acidic environment. Does not cause skin irritation. In the period of menstruation, it is recommended that this gel be used with each replacement of the tampon or pad.

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