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Laser Brazilian Hair Removal

The Brazilian procedure is called epilation the mostIntimate places of a woman's body - a bikini area. With this hair removal, hair from the anus, labia and pubis are removed. This procedure can be of different types. The most popular now is hair removal using wax and laser Brazilian hair removal.

History of Brazilian hair removal

The name "Brazilian procedure", how canGuess, sends us to the Brazilians. Namely to seven sisters from Brazil - Josley, Joyce, Jonis, Jdurasi, Janey, Judassei and Giussara Padil, who more than twenty years ago opened their own beauty salon in Manhattan called J Sisters International. It was these sisters who told the rest of the world that in their home country, where most girls swimsuits are very narrow, it is customary to do hair removal in places that add sexuality.

Thus, these seven women owed the world to modern ideas of people and about how a woman should look like a bikini zone.

Laser Hair Removal

As a rule, the best effect is created whenProcedure of laser hair removal in girls with pale skin and dark hair. During laser treatment, the radiation penetrates the body of the hair and destroys the hair follicles, after which all visible hair disappears. Subcutaneous same hair after the procedure gradually come to the surface and disappear within two to three weeks.

If the body is healthy and its hormonal balance inNorm, after the course of hair removal from three to four procedures, hair growth stops. In order to consolidate this effect, it is necessary to undergo a second course of procedures, approximately in three to four months. The result is simply amazing - epilation of the bikini zone forever!

On average, one laser hair removal session lasts about fifteen minutes. Although the procedure is mostly painless, experts advise nevertheless to apply painkillers.

This type of hair removal (using a laser) hasOnly laudatory reviews, since the radiation of the laser does not affect the skin, which after the procedure acquires an incredible smoothness. A similar effect is provided by the use of a cream for epilation, but the effect of the cream very quickly passes.

The only drawback of this procedureIs its high cost. Also, since laser hair removal by many specialists refers to the field of hardware cosmetology and plastic surgery, then the decision to produce laser hair removal should be approached with all possible caution, having carefully studied all known contraindications. In addition, it should also be taken into account that the effect of epilation when exposed to light and red hair is greatly reduced.

Of course, the bikini area is veryDelicate and sensitive area of ​​the body. However, epilation is extremely necessary, not only from the requirements of beauty standards, but also from hygiene considerations. Before the procedure, it is best to go to the trichologist to determine the type of skin and hair, as well as the type of hair removal. The procedure can not be carried out with cancer, fungal infections, skin damage, pregnancy. Before hair removal, it is necessary to trim the pubic hair approximately to a length of 4-6 mm, you can not take a bath and sunbathe.

Do not be afraid of the epilation. All devices are thoroughly disinfected, which avoids infection. After the treatment, a wound healing anti-inflammatory cream is applied to the treated area. During the course of the entire course and another month after it, it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe.

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