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Cream for depilation of intimate areas

Perhaps this method is the oldestMethod of removing unwanted hairs on the female body. It was invented even before our era by Queen Nefertiti. For epilation, the queen used a remedy obtained by mixing the melted wax with honey and plant juice, which had an analgesic effect. After that, the women tried to remove the hairs with tweezers, but this procedure was long and rather unpleasant. But already in the 20th century the cream recipe was rediscovered, but for the bikini area it did not fit. And only 30 years ago, scientists invented a cream for depilation of intimate skin areas.

Invented hair creamDestructive, penetrating deep into the skin, thus, the hair breaks down to a millimeter. That is why the newly growing hairs have smooth tips that are less noticeable on the skin. The components contained in the cream, the structure of the hair destroy almost completely. The cream is removed easily, and after the procedure, the black dots on the legs are not visible.

Apply a similar cream is as simple asThe usual razor: the cream on the skin is applied with a thin layer (about 3 mm) with a special small spatula (usually sold with the product) for several minutes, after which it is removed with the same spatula, but already with the hairs. How many minutes to apply the cream can be detailed in the instructions. Removing hairs in the bikini zone, you need to remember the main thing - you should use only a special cream for intimate areas, a cream for depilation of the face or legs can not be used.

Advantages of the cream for depilation of intimate areas

It is light and fast in use, it is inexpensive,Effectively and efficiently removes unwanted hairs. In addition, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Such a cream is a cosmetic product, and as they know they have their drawbacks, here's the cream for depilation of intimate areas is no exception.

The composition of the cream included strong destructiveComponents. Therefore, before applying, make sure to test for an allergic reaction. After removal, the hairs are washed with warm water along with the cream. And in a few days it will be necessary to repeat the procedure, since the cream does not completely kill the hair bulb.


This means has no special contraindications,However, it is not recommended for women with sensitive skin to use this type of depilation. It is not advisable to use this type of depilation, if the skin has inflammatory processes or wounds.

What kind of depilation cream to choose each womanSolves itself, now the market of the goods offers the big assortment of similar means. You can try the cream "Veet" (quite well advertised). This cream has a neutral smell and perfectly removes unwanted hairs. Another cream that has proven itself well is Velvet. The cream is inexpensive, but as for it the customers themselves respond, it does not have an unpleasant smell, it perfectly removes hairs. Say more, it comes in several variations with different compositions, so you can pick up any type of skin.

Instead of cream (if for some reason it does notArranges) you can use a gel for depilation. Gel from the cream is a softer composition and is mainly intended for softening the structure of the hair, and not for its removal. After applying the gel, it is enough to walk the razor once and the depilation is finished. In the gel for depilation there are various substances that moisturize and soothe the skin. But there is a strong gel that can do without the help of wax or a razor and to remove the hairs on its own. It can be used for the bikini zone (after using it, the hairs will grow soft and smooth).

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